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  • john napiorkowski commented on Perl 6 Is Slower Than My Fat Momma!

    I see, maybe if you'd link to that it would help. Still, I'd consider taking the high road and just focus on what is going to make us awesome, but that's me personally.

    FWIW the regex stuff seems pretty fast, at least from my various attempts to hack on DOM::Parser. I just can't figure out all the new regex stuff P6 does :) I wish I could make that work, I'd port my Template::Pure to P6 since its build on that and maybe start to learn the async stuff.

  • Alex Balhatchet commented on A pumpking is born

    Congratulations man! A fantastic choice by whoever makes these decisions, Perl continues on in the hands of those who love it :)

  • Richard Foley commented on A pumpking is born

    Good job, to Ricardo for a tough job well done, and wishing you all the best for a tough job to come! Know that the rest of us (population-of-world-minus-pumpking) appreciate your combined efforts every day, even if we don't say so every day.

  • Pawel bbkr Pabian commented on Perl 6: Comb It!

    Maybe Hash assignment can detect Match object and flatten it to preserve

    my %things = $text =~ m:g/(key)...(value)/;

    idiom? It is too useful to be removed.

  • Shlomi Fish commented on Strawberry Perl released

    Thanks for your effort!

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