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  • Commented on Creating Missions in Veure
    You mention exploring, are there plans for adhoc missions where you initiate a discussion with someone in a space station common area and it's its own adhoc mission line? Something to be discovered? Maybe they are ephemeral and have to...
  • Commented on Creating Missions in Veure
    Sounds like your business model is Forge of Empires like with pay to advance faster and pay to get cooler stuff. Ultimately I don't see a ton of people doing it but you do see the occasional high spender and...
  • Commented on Method Privacy in Perl
    I got really caught off guard by: They don't need to be documented. Rather, they need to be urinated on to mark your territory. The post was heavy then I hit that line and had to laugh. Thanks, good way...
  • Commented on Precision Testing for Modern Perl
    How will test::modern stay modern and not become aged like test::most? Perhaps a year import parameter like modern::perl to allow improvements/changes in future or something similar?...
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  • Ether commented on Precision Testing for Modern Perl

    Test::CleanNamespaces is back in active development and its underlying implementation is getting fixed up quite a lot, so it would probably be better to call into its version of clean_namespaces rather than copying its guts.

  • Mithaldu commented on Creating Missions in Veure

    There's also one subtle thing they do that many people never complain about because they don't realize it. Quests in WoW are not only built such that newbies will be able to get through them easily, they're also built such that skillful and experienced players (regardless of character attributes or gear) will not be able to complete them faster than anyone else. The reason for that is of course that if players could use their brains to g…

  • Brian E. Lozier commented on Creating Missions in Veure

    I don't think I've ever played a game where I had a choice not to drop off a quest item to the intended recipient. It's like choose your own adventure but you don't have all the information up front (like how many choices do I actually have?) and you choose by your actions instead of at a dialog box. Sounds like a fantastic idea to me. It would definitely make the choices more meaningful.

    In FPS games, when I come to a fork in the road, I hate picking the "wrong" one, so I always do my best to explore both (they always go to the same place anyway but I can't break the habit). Thi…

  • Aristotle commented on Creating Missions in Veure

    If there was a discoverable hint as to the alternative outcomes of a mission, rather than just having to blindly stumble into a trigger condition (and therefore never knowing how much choice one really had), that seems like it would increase the replay value of the game. (Maybe only hinted once the mission is completed in order to avoid spoilers? Maybe even only after dependent missions are also completed.) “So I could’ve given this to other interested parties instead. I wonder what would have happened then.”

    So you play two or three characters, maybe at once, maybe one after a…

  • perlpilot commented on Creating Missions in Veure

    If Ovid can figure a way to make a mission that is to create a new mission (sure, it's just that easy ;) and every player has to accomplish that mission at some point to progress, he could have a relatively endless supply of missions. The real trick will be making the "mission editor" be part of the game's story line.

    <end of dream sequence> :)

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