Klaus Baldermann

  • Commented on What Time is Midnight?
    Is that a typo in your last paragraph, or did you really search for 23:53:40 (86000 seconds)?...
  • Commented on Perl Challenge: Fun with Character Classes
    1. dash thru caret 2. neither dash nor caret 3. dash or caret 4. opposite of 1 5. no dash 6. no caret to check: use 5.012; # implies strict + feature 'say' use Data::Dumper; my %matches; for my $cc...
  • Commented on Acme Comes Through Again
    Nice idea. As a variant, you could use my $file ="somefile".strftime("%Y%m%d.%H%M%S", gmtime) for a more "human readable" time-of-day :)...
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