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  • Commented on PGXN vs MetaCPAN
    The second Fiddle no longer shows results. :-(...
  • Commented on Names and Numbers, Brand and Identity
    I have no idea what this means. ISTM that Perl 6 is the radical reinvention in progress. It's just taking a while....
  • Commented on What is Moe (a clarification)
    In the midnight hour She want Moe, Moe, Moe! With a rebel yell She want Moe, Moe, Moe!...
  • Commented on A quick static file webserver
    Oh, thanks for that, preaction! Based on your code, I’ve written a short shell function: pws () { plackup -MPlack::App::File -e ' package PWS; use parent "Plack::App::File"; sub locate_file { $_[1]->{PATH_INFO} .= "index.html" if $_[1]->{PATH_INFO} =~ m{/$}; $_[0]->SUPER::locate_file($_[1]); } PWS->new->to_app;...
  • Commented on I was called "fucking asshole"
    Don't let the assholes get you down. They're mainly just projecting, anyway....
  • Commented on Perl testing with Jenkins/Hudson: avoiding some pitfalls
    I haven't used the TAP plugin yet, but it looks like you can't use a standard tool like prove to run the tests. Instead you'd have to find all the tests yourself and run the manually with the output going...
  • Commented on PGXN vs MetaCPAN
    Oh yeah, this shit is ON, yo!...
  • Commented on The ORM extension we need
    If it’s ad-hoc queries you want, I know a great DSL for that. It’s called SQL. —Theory...
  • Commented on The ORM extension we need
    You're forgetting that you can create new database objects and have your ORM use them. So for something like this, I would install a database view: CREATE VIEW sales_per_salesperson SELECT sum(oi.value) AS total, AS name, AS city FROM...
  • Commented on Threaded Forum SQL
    See Depesz's take on trees for a really nice tree graph solution in PostgreSQL....
  • Commented on Forum Software
    I recommend no forums. What do you want them for? —Theory...
  • Commented on Custom Hacks and Comfort Levels
    @Aristotle—I suspect it has to do with the way DBDs are written, because I have C code that passes a huge chunk of SQL queries to SQLite and it does the right thing, but DBD::SQLite's do() does not. —Theory...
  • Commented on Custom Hacks and Comfort Levels
    I use psql to run migration scripts. Perl does nothing, no parsing required. Nice that DBD::Pg's do() allows multiple statements to be passed. Not all DBDs allow this, though (I'm looking at you, DBD::SQLite!). —David...
  • Commented on Custom Hacks and Comfort Levels
    I really don't understand why no one uses SQL for migrations. Then you don't have to worry about parsing SQL, because the server will parse it. You know. Like it's designed to do. —Theory...
  • Commented on The Last Lines of a Particularly Painful Class I Wrote
    “I saw something nasty in the woodshed.” “Yes darling, but did it see you?”...
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  • Graham Knop commented on Names and Numbers, Brand and Identity

    What currently exists as Perl 5 needs an identity. A real identity that people can both understand and promote. "A member of the Perl family" is not an identity.

    Changing the name is not just about changing our comparison to Perl 6. It is about signaling to people both outside and inside the echo chamber that we are willing to move forward. That we want to move forward.

    pumpkin presents the best option I've seen for an answer to that. It doesn't solve every problem, but it solves enough. It gives us the room to grow into whatever we want to be.

  • Robert commented on Names and Numbers, Brand and Identity

    Someone looking for a new language is going to try "Pumpkin Perl"? I doubt it.

  • Matt S Trout (mst) commented on Names and Numbers, Brand and Identity

    Mike, I was the one who originally popularised 'perl5 is a velociraptor' - my YAPC::* closing keynotes summarising the state of the perl5 community are known as 'State of the Velociraptor'.

    However, I think the raptor meme belongs to the perl5+CPAN platform rather than to perl5 the language itself, so I chose not to try and force it onto the language.

  • brian d foy commented on A quick static file webserver

    I’d modified Joel’s script to include a default index file by using a before_dispatch hook. It could probably be better, but I stopped when I got it to work.

    I needed this for a particular project so I haven’t stopped to make it pretty.

  • brian d foy commented on A quick static file webserver

    The render_static was deprecated in the middle of the Mojolicious 5 evolution and is now reply->static:

    #!/usr/bin/env perl
    use Mojolicious::Lite;
    use Cwd;
    app->static->paths->[0] = getcwd;
    any '/' => sub {
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