• Commented on The Problem With Perl Testing
    I really like this blog post because it gave me a good excuse to finally try out Test::Routine (actually Test::Roo, but no real difference in my mind.) I also reorganized my DBIx::Class::Helpers test suite to be basically t/$foo from lib/$foo....
  • Commented on YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2013: Fighting Legacy Code
    This is awesome! I especially like your guard based log blocks and the $0 = ... idea. Thanks!...
  • Commented on Crowdsourcing self-confidence
    I am not really sure how to comment on this, but I'll give you my point of view. (for non-riba readers, I am one of the contributors to DBIC and admit to knowingly writing the linked to explicitly bad...
  • Commented on A New CPAN Mirror Is Born
    You might wanna add something like this so the index.html isn't required: mount '/' => sub { state $app = Plack::App::File->new(root => ".")->to_app; return [301, [ 'Content-Type' => 'text/html', Location => '/index.htm' ], [ 'incorrect!' ] ] if $_[0]->{PATH_INFO} eq...
  • Commented on New coding style?
    I do it at home. Beware, dude in the picture has no arm rests which is apparently bad for your arms....
  • Commented on If you can't make money, at least have fun.
    Hear hear!...
  • Commented on Indexing MooseX::Declare modules
    I think that your PAUSE issue is the author's fault. I think the correct answer is to include provides in META.(yml|json). As for the second question, please don't conflate Moose with MooseX::Declare. I use Moose in DBIx::Class::DeploymentHandler and never had...
  • Commented on Introducing - A better search for the CPAN
    Excellent work! Using this now and look forward to sending you patches, running a version locally for speed, and all kinds of neat stuff!...
  • Commented on Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes
    Prototypical OO A good REPL CTypes (and is anyone ever going to fix this infuriating comment system?!)...
  • Commented on The proof Perl gets you laid
    Here's the one I got: How are you doing today ? I hope you are doing fine . I am a cheerful, sociable and sincere girl. Young, pretty without bad habits. My friends say that I'm a glamorous and interesting...
  • Commented on More design love please...
    I think the community at large has for the most part come to a consensus on this. But I would point out that at the very least "CPAN" (by which I presume you probably mean actually looks pretty good....
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  • commented on Crowdsourcing self-confidence

    Hi Peter,

    I'm neither contributor nor user of DBIx::Class, but as an attentive observer, I always wondered how such a big and complex piece of software could evolve in a consistent way under the collective hands of many people with possibly different visions. This development model has the richness of the bazaar, but if you want to reach the steeple of the cathedral it may make it a bit more difficult. So, as I understand, one of the points of your post is that you would like to preserve collective energy, but you feel alone in taking the hard decisions (and also doing the hard work)…

  • Ether commented on YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2013: Fighting Legacy Code

    Very nice article!

    > If you wanted to change --max-workers to 50, you needed to terminate start_server. This is clearly not a good thing, and it defeats the purpose of having a hot-deployable code.

    When I ran into this problem, I added a level of indirection by putting settings like --max-workers into a config file:


    start_server -- starman --max-workers=50 ...


    start_server -- start-my-app

    $ cat start-my-app
    use strict; use warnings;
    use Config::Any;

    my $config = Config::Any->loa…

  • lestrrat commented on YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2013: Fighting Legacy Code

    In my case it's not in the config. It's in the wrapper.

    The reason for not using a wrapper is because 1) the system is big enough that more files = more confusion, and 2) these values don't change /that much/, so we didn't need complete freedom. Just needed a quick and easy way to change them values. See slides 92 and 93 for a bit more help.

  • Christian Hansen commented on YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2013: Fighting Legacy Code

    If my URL::Encode::XS makes a difference you should try Unicode::UTF8 (also my module), it makes a huge difference in my deployments.

  • lestrrat commented on YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2013: Fighting Legacy Code

    wish things were that simple. our system has unspeakable mess in the encoding layer. I don't know that will be fixed. I can only use stuff like Unicode::UTF8 after all that mess is cleared up.

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