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  • DrForr commented on Perl6::Tidy initial release

    Thanks! It currently supports the basic 1-true-brace-style, Whitesmiths, Allman, GNU and a few others that aren't so common.

  • Buddy Burden commented on Why I recommend using the "++" system of Metacpan

    Well said. I've gone and ++'ed all the modules I regularly install on every new Perl installation I create. Thanks for the reminder.

  • aseric commented on The Hot New Language Named Rakudo

    There is no doubt the "Wall" in front of Perl 5 should be removed so it can proceed.

    My two points:

    1) For Perl
    Remember Java 1.5 was marketed as Java 5 and it was easier to proceed from there on.
    Similary Perl 6 can be skipped for Perl.

    Perl has been in Perl 5 for very long time. The next major version should be released as Perl 7 which will give a fresh beginning and surely every perl programmer will leap in joy. (Perl 6 can be skipped similar to Java which skipped 3 and 4)

    Language Name: …

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