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  • Neil Bowers commented on Dependency phases in CPAN distribution metadata

    Hi Konstantin,

    I'll cover this sort of thing in the next article, but to add develop dependencies via Makefile.PL/ExtUtils::MakeMaker you use META_MERGE. For example:

        META_MERGE => {
            "meta-spec" => { version => 2 },
            prereqs => {
                develop => {
                    requires => {
                        'Template' => 0,
  • Pawel bbkr Pabian commented on Dependency phases in CPAN distribution metadata

    Excellent article!

    Can you briefly describe how do you package Perl 5 ecosystem for _production_ environment? In my case it goes like this:

    1. Build Perl itself. Holy cow, 55MB! Worst bundle ever for slim Docker containers, because it throws everything into one bucket. Develop dependencies (like Pod::Perldoc, Devel::, Benchmark, TAP::Parser::* or CPAN::*), build dependencies (ExtUtils::*, Module::*), runtime dependencies (Unicode stuff and pragmas) and of course tons of stuff no one really uses nowadays (NBDM, ODBM, SBDM interfaces, ptar, zipdetails binaries).

    I truly…

  • Grinnz commented on Trials and troubles with changing @INC

    You can use for that:

    no lib '.';

    or PERL5OPT=-M-lib=.

  • Buddy Burden commented on Trials and troubles with changing @INC

    Hey, Ryan. How's it going?

    Just tried to look at my failures, but I hit two problems:
    * The author page says I have two failing modules, but the module page only lists one with my name on it.
    * The link to the failure log gives me a 404.

    Thx for all your hard work!

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