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    Actually that had a bug on 5-digit numbers and it turns out the regex engine doesn't need backtracking control here either. #!/usr/bin/env perl use v5.14; say s{ ^ (?<a> [0369]* ) (?: (?: (?<b> [147] ) (?<B> (?&a) (?: (?&c)...
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    use v5.14; say s{ ^ (?<a> [0369]* (*PRUNE) ) (?: (?<b> [147] (*PRUNE) ) (?<B> (?&a) (?: (?&c) | (?&b) (?&C) ) ) | (?<c> [258] (*PRUNE) ) (?<C> (?&a) (?: (?&b) | (?&c) (?&B) ) ) )* (?&a)...
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