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  • Commented on Signatures vs. Methods
    While I can imagine several scenarios where multiple inheritance would come in handy, method resolution based on arity seems to be a bad idea in all of them. If all three classes in question belong to the same project and...
  • Commented on TPF: Perl deserves better. Please do better.
    I haven't been to the Perl Conference and am only reading about that event through third party articles, some of which allegedly have been altered since their first publication. I don't think I'll ever find out what has happened there....
  • Commented on Improving Perl debugger variable output
    Thanks for sharing this! I have adopted your .perldb, and I like it a lot. With a one line change it also works in an Emacs perldb session (yes, I'm guilty of not only using the debugger, but also Emacs):...
  • Commented on The Future of Perl 5
    I'd give Salvador Fandiño's suggestion for exception handling in the core a slightly higher priority than an object system. The benefit of an object system in the core would be a significantly reduced threshold for beginners to do OO Perl,...
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  • Peter Edwards commented on The Future of Perl 5

    +1 to OO classes and optional type checking in core. It would save time, effort and errors, and give more standardised, readable code (while still letting you TIMTOWTDI)

  • Erez Schatz commented on The Future of Perl 5

    I gave it much thought before, mostly when I wondered why did so much effort was given to something like "postfix dereferencing" that is nothing more than syntactic sugar (or, to my taste, syntactic salt) rather than a proper object system, Class::MOP or otherwise.

    In other words, since the perl5porters is a small, focused team of volunteers …

  • Duncan White commented on The Future of Perl 5

    Hi Ovid, your LRU example is indeed lovely syntax, I'd certainly use it - and I'm not a Moose user, I like the original bless-based Perl 5 object system. For my own amusement, I wrote a bless-based version. It's shorter than your original Moose version, although of course I had to write a new function which Moose does for you.

    But is anyone likely to implement "class" syntax in Perl 5 anytime soon? If not, it's just a pipe dream, isn't it?

    Finally, I note that the "method" syntax is already available in Perl 5 via either Method::Signatures or (my preference) Function::Para…

  • Ovid commented on Improving Perl debugger variable output


    Sorry, didn't see this comment earlier. Thanks for the patch! I've added it and credited you.


  • Dean commented on TPF: Perl deserves better. Please do better.

    This is the first really thoughtful "Open Letter" type of thing on "the incident" that I have seen.

    Certainly this person seems to be the only person in the Perl community who has actually read the SoC.

    It's probably a good lesson in not just clicking "I Accept" when presented with terms and conditions.

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