• Commented on CPAN candidates for adoption
    It already is (to an extent), since inactive authors receive a higher score. Also, just because an author is active, it doesn't mean that they support all their modules equally - there are quite a few active authors with modules...
  • Commented on How to write a test description
    On the subject of better test descriptions, 'note' is very useful for separating out blocks of tests when reading test output....
  • Commented on How to surf the website with help of Perl
    You don't say what you've done already (to open the website). You probably want to look at something like WWW::Mechanize if you haven't already. Also try asking over at instead - that is a question and answer site specifically...
  • Commented on Unicode rant
    it looks like the inverse of the 5.14 'use unicode_strings' feature would be useful in these cases (i.e. get Perl to never auto-promote strings). I wonder if one has been proposed? (using 'no feature unicode_strings' wouldn't work because that would...
  • Commented on XML::Tiny bugfix - and last post here for a while
    the apparent lack of previous/next/older/newer links anywhere on the site is nice too...
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  • Ether commented on CPAN candidates for adoption

    A metric that took into account the percentage of failures on recent perl versions would be quite useful -- it's definitely a sign that a module has been neglected and needs some love.

  • Neil Bowers commented on CPAN candidates for adoption

    @ether: good thought. I was thinking about general percentage of fails vs passes, but maybe I should either only take the latest perl, or at least weight that.

  • commented on CPAN candidates for adoption

    It occurs to me that it might be best to rename this list to something like "Modules Which Could Benefit From More Attention". Calling them candidates for adoption is a bit inflammatory, and some authors may get angry when they see their modules on such a list.

    But if the list just highlighted modules that could use some live, that could lead top adoption. I for one regularly ask bug reporters for some of my modules to adopt them because I no longer use them (I've not had a great deal of success there though ;)

  • Neil Bowers commented on CPAN candidates for adoption

    Dave: good points. When I first started working on this, I called the script 'needlove'. I'll rewrite the blurb at the top of the list as well.

  • Neil Bowers commented on CPAN candidates for adoption

    @mirod: I've changed the way the scoring works. As a result, XML-Twig is no longer listed.

    @leont: your dist with two wishlist tickets only no longer appears. You have other dists which do appear though ...

    @rkinyon: if you give HANDOFF or ADOPTME permissions on your modules, that will give your unloved dists a +1. They're scoring low though, so with my new version they still wouldn't make the cut. I'm thinking about another column for "adoptability", and also including modules that score high on that, even if the current score doesn't pass the threshold.

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