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  • Commented on I learn something about tell(), then abuse it.
    In the past, when I've been dancing along the edge between "I can do this in a line or two of shell" and "I should really switch to Perl for this", I've used "head -1" to grab the header line,...
  • Commented on If you can't make money, at least have fun.
    Glad you liked the mention, Rocco. I don't think most of my coworkers realize how much benefit we get from POE, because we hardly ever talk about it, because it just works! Anyway, thanks again to you and all the...
  • Commented on Research paper paywalls are awful
    To the quasi-anonymous poster above, requesting a pre-print from the author only works as long as the author is still reachable, which the author in this case no longer is: I also noticed that the ACM portal page in...
  • Commented on Age discrimination in Perl 6 using subsets and multiple dispatch
    How do the names get upper-cased initials in the print-name examples? I'm still just a tourist in Perl 6 land, so I can't tell whether that's a typo, or whether I'm overlooking something....
  • Commented on How to write about Perl 6
    "Usable" begs the questions "to whom" and "for what"; the latter being the bigger question. Is "learnable" the right word to use? I speak as a novice to Perl 6. The people familiar with Perl 6 seem to me to...
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  • commented on How to write about Perl 6

    The phrase I'd use for Rakudo Star is "partial prototype." It doesn't include all the features, and the implementation itself will likely change radically before the production-ready release, but what's there does work. And so, "partial prototype" or maybe "developer preview" or something similar.

  • pmichaud commented on How to write about Perl 6
    “Usable” begs the questions “to whom” and “for what”; the latter being the bigger question.

    In many senses, those are exactly the sorts of questions I'd like to have begged when someone says "Is Rakudo ready yet?" :-)

    I doubt that it's possible for us to come up with an short + accurate description that is immediately and clearly understood by everyone who reads it. Some people see only the words "Perl 6" and "release" and expect that the rest of the announcement conforms to their conception of what "release" means, regardless of what it actu…

  • Holy Zarquon's Singing Fish commented on Research paper paywalls are awful

    Your alternative is to cultivate a friend in a research institution. We basically have unlimited access to most stuff, and if we need to put in an interlibrary loan, it's generally on a no questions asked basis. And seeing as electronic holdings are so much better than in the past, we've don't generally have to get them as frequently as we used to.

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