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    What is the aim of the grants the grants committee offers? This isn't stated clearly anywhere that I can find. So I'm going to assume that the purpose of the grant is roughly "to enable work beneficial to Perl which...
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    Most strange. To get to this "leave a comment" page I had to (re)confirm my e-mail address. Which I thought that'd I'd already done. To start with - thanks for putting all the hard work into getting this up and...
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  • Joel Berger commented on About the Grants Committee

    I agree with many of your point, especially since I have lived several of them. I was going to work on Alien::Base regardless of being paid. I figured why not also get paid? Of course as Nick said the first contact with the enemy changed many things.

    I have most of my deliverables, but Mac is being such a problem that I don't know for sure if I am going to get a fully satisfactory answer; should I declare defeat? I think eventually I can figure something out, perhaps with the help of CPAN testers; should I preemptively declare victory. Having to answer to someone is both motivation …

  • Peter Rabbitson commented on About the Grants Committee

    @tinita You get the first set of improvememnts for free fwiw:

    Of course there is a lot more work that can be done, I'll look into applying for a grant for next quarter (or sooner if the rules change).

  • commented on About the Grants Committee

    You missed as a point "People don't know that the grants exist" and "People don't think their ideas/plans are appropriate for a grant". TPF should probably advertise them more.

    As Nicholas pointed out, the grants system is a bit arcane, and takes a fair amount of work and waiting, just to apply.

    To everyone else: You'll never know if your idea/plan was good enough for a grant if you don't apply! Don't assume it isnt, ask!

  • vti commented on About the Grants Committee

    Maybe there should be a simple pre-applying form where people can vote just for ideas, like 'Should I ask for a grant for this...?' and get responses like 'Yeah, that'd be great' or 'Nah.. this is just silly'. This is much easier to check for your ideas and not be too much depressed because of the 'no'.

  • metadoo commented on About the Grants Committee

    Whenever someone is to submit a grant proposal, that proposal goes through one's "internal review" first. And in that internal review one asks yourself: "Why should I ask to be paid for what countless of others just CONTRIBUTE to Perl community? The Perl itself and tens of thousands of modules are literally millions of hours, hundreds of years of work just contributed. Why should I ask for pay?". This is the perfectly right question to ask. And this makes the one's internal review quite picky, and the result is what we see - no proposals. And, though surprisingly it may sound, this is the…

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