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  • Commented on Removing Locale::Country::SubCountry from CPAN
    The Unicode CLDR contains all the information you need, even in the correct script. Go to and download, look in e.g. common/main/ar.xml (for generic Arabic) and you'll find information about languages, scripts, territories, date formats and more. I...
  • Commented on I <3/> XML::Rabbit
    I've created an issue for this feature in the issue tracker on github. I guess it is probably the better place to continue the discussion on this feature.
  • Commented on I <3/> XML::Rabbit
    I guess I couldn't help but do some design work on how the sugar functions would look. See how positive feedback sparks interest? I'd really like your feedback on my API suggestions here: Name of functions, signature and such...
  • Commented on I <3/> XML::Rabbit
    Thank you for the praise. I really appreciate the mention. Now I just have to find some time and write up that "What is XML::Rabbit?" article that has been lurking around in the back of my head for quite some...
  • Commented on I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS
    Dave Rolsky's new OO tutorial is great! Just had a read through it. Nicely covers all the terminology used in OO and gives good, clean suggestions on how to do basic stuff and where to go if you need more...
  • Commented on 2011 Perl QA Hackathon - Day 2
    I actually tried solving this problem with my W3C::XMLSchema CPAN module (uses XML::Rabbit under the hood), but I never found time to finish it. It was supposed to enable extraction of structure from XSD files which then could be used...
  • Commented on How do you run your daemons?
    I actually asked the same question on irc just a couple of days ago, and I ended up using upstart after having battled with init scripts for several years. The more advanced respawning feature of upstart (compared to sysvinit) is...
  • Commented on My continuing dream of a Perl XML(::Twig) cookbook
    Just to add to the list of modules mentioned. If you like to use Moose, and you prefer XPath, and your XML content fits in memory, a look at my XML::Rabbit module could be worthwhile. I like the fact that...
  • Commented on Do you want extra Effective Perl in Safari Books?
    I read most of my tech books on O'Reilly Safari as well. Any additional content would be nice....
  • Commented on Why so puzzled?
    The problem isn't really shared hosting, it is deployment by non-perl-experts. The real solution for doing that is to produce a binary repository of relocatable installable CPAN packages (possibly PAR) for all the really popular versions of current operating systems....
  • Commented on Effective Perl Programming
    Thanks a lot for mentioning Test::mysqld! It made me do a simple search on CPAN which yielded Test::postgresql, which seems to be exactly what I need for consistent database unit testing that can be combined with UI testing on known...
  • Commented on Introduction and API spec
    Why can't it just be named "ctypes" (possibly with a capital C because it is not a pragma) as the C actually is linked to the libraries you link to, not the language it is used from....
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  • Toby Inkster commented on Removing Locale::Country::SubCountry from CPAN

    I didn't mean to suggest that the users of Locale::Country::SubCountry need to have a copy of iso_3166_2.xml on their machine - but rather that the maintainer of the distribution should have a copy.

    It would be converted to CSV and inlined into the modules as part of "make dist".

  • Ron Savage commented on Removing Locale::Country::SubCountry from CPAN

    Hi Ben

    But that doesn't give me the names in the native script /of the country I'm examining/, except in 1 case I found from the few I checked.

    Pick Egypt, say:

    That list of languages down the left doesn't include Egypt or Arabic, and that's what I was hoping to get.


  • Ben Bullock commented on Removing Locale::Country::SubCountry from CPAN
    Pick Egypt, say:

    That list of languages down the left doesn't include Egypt or Arabic, and that's what I was hoping to get.

    If you have the name of the subcountry in English in the ISO file, you can scrape the wikipedia article with that name and then get the interwikilink from that.
  • Mark Lawrence commented on Removing Locale::Country::SubCountry from CPAN

    This highlights a very sad fact about the state of such basic information: there is no single, complete, update-to-date, authoritative source for country names, divisions, timezones, currency, etc in a relationally consistent format, translated, easily update-able, exportable, synchronize-able, partition-able, API-able...

    Each of the sources we've identified in this thread (not to mention openstreetmap etc) have some kind of issue, but more importantly they all appear to be independent: presumably every project is either listening to the news-wire for changes, or waiting till someone…

  • Ron Savage commented on Removing Locale::Country::SubCountry from CPAN

    1 of 4: Hi Toby

    Good point. I could use or ship iso-codes/iso_3166_2.xml. Sorry for the mis-understanding.

    2 of 4: Hi Ben

    But for how many subcountry names is the native script version available? And how much work can be put into such a scheme, given the varying formats of the pages in question? The few I checked would be PITA.

    Luckily I have plenty of time available, but also a number of projects I'd like to work on...

    3 of 4: Hi Mark

    A geodb, eh? Hmmm. I heading in that direction too. My module stuffs the Wikipedia data into an SQLite db, and…

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