• Commented on <code>Itch.scratch()</code>
    I knew I had seen this construct before. In any case, your posts never fail to amaze me. Thanks!...
  • Commented on Is Perl 6 Being Renamed?
    I think the renaming is long overdue. I hope it's for the good. As for the new name I don't particularly like Raku. For a Brazilian Portuguese speaker it sounds harsh. But I think it's mostly about having time to...
  • Commented on Greed is good, balance is better, beauty is best.
    This is absolutely mind boggling!...
  • Commented on Chopping substrings
    It's such a pleasure to read your posts... Thank you!...
  • Commented on Why?
    Is this what she meant? my @articles = sort {$a->{article_description_rank} <=> $b->{article_description_rank}} grep {$_->{article_description_cat} eq $category} @$alteration;...
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  • vel commented on Greed is good, balance is better, beauty is best.

    Thanks a lot for the articles!

  • explorer commented on Is Perl 6 Being Renamed?

    "Perla" ⒫

  • Ovid commented on Is Perl 6 Being Renamed?

    Shenanigans: thanks, fixed! :)

  • Aaron Priven commented on Is Perl 6 Being Renamed?

    In general, I think the "rename Perl 6 to Raku / rename perl 5 as perl 7" is a good solution, but I would suggest that the Perl 5 -> Perl 7 bump should happen only when there is at least something notable to include in it that would otherwise justfy the change. (Native OO system, non-experimental signatures with named parameters, something like that.)

    I mean, the big user-visible improvement in Perl 5.30 was "The upper limit 'n' specifiable in a regular expression quantifier of the form '{m,n}' has been doubled to 65534", which was pretty underwhelming. And so far, the most notable …

  • Tom Legrady commented on <code>Itch.scratch()</code>

    I love the basic construct, but I feel reusing the keyword 'esle' could lead to confusion when quickly scanning the code. Perhaps something slightly distinct, 'forelse' or 'felse'?

    But then I use ridicule 'foreach' as too long, when you can type 'for'.

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