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  • James commented on Perl dropped and Go adopted due to concurrency issues in baconbird

    RE: STFL, is just a curses user and Curses has similar problems with blocking. Wouldn't a POE::Wheel::Curses-like workaround of checking if STDIN has data to be read and running $stfl->run(0) if it does, $stfl->run(-1) otherwise, work?

  • moru0011 commented on Why Dart is not the language of the future

    This post is full of wrong assumptions and misunderstandings.

    1. Factory constructors. Construction of objects is more than a design pattern, object construction is a core element of a language. Factory methods are a great improvement over the limited “new” statement. Nothing wrong with introducing this at lang level, as it does not prevent other patterns.
    2. Concurrency model: is actor-alike. This model is also favoured by many in the Java-VM language camp. A big advantage is that Garbage Collection (a big problem for large ente…
  • Malaidas commented on Why Dart is not the language of the future

    I strongly feel you are missing the pint somewhat here.

    the primary use of dart is to bring sanity to scripting web applications, specifically those of moderate to large size and in this it achieves its aims from what I can see. Would I choose it for a desktop application, no, there are a plethora of languages better suited to this. For use in the browser though its a good choice in my opinion. Certainly better than plugins such as Java Applets or Flash etc.

    the main stopping point with creating sensible we applications is JavaScript's stupidities. Which are caused of course…

  • Andy commented on Why Dart is not the language of the future

    I agree that it would be good to not compare a null reference at all. A better option would be to return multiple values or have a tuple type and pattern matching.
    By the way I loved your take and, I'm not myself a big fan of Dart. :)

  • cgarcia.e88 commented on Why Dart is not the language of the future

    For the reader, this article is very old and MISLEADING. The author just wrote it based on the SPEC and not actually coding. The conclusion of the author that "Dart fails to provides the advantages of static languages, without compensating by the flexibility of dynamic languages." is wrong. You get runtime errors and autocompletion thanks to its typed nature, but there is also the 'dynamic' type which gives you all the flexibility you might need.

    First I think that a title like "The language of the Future" is the author being pretentious. Dart doesn't want to be the "ultimate" langua…

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