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  • Commented on Why Puppet is Intrinsically Better Than Chef
    I've just started using Rex; we have a fair bit of infrastructure written in Perl and I figured that it would be easier to use from a configuration automation system written in Perl. I wonder where Rex lies on the...
  • Commented on Using Moose Metadata
    Nice. I used the MOP for something similar a few months back. Net::CampaignMonitor wraps a REST API with a lot of methods and I didn't think the wrapping provided much added value. It's someone else's module and I didn't want...
  • Commented on Using bzipped Perl as storage
    IIRC because $out is lexical in that function, it is stored in the function's scratch pad and the memory is never released. I don't think this applies to local variables or the constituent values of data structures. Perhaps this will...
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  • john napiorkowski commented on Why Puppet is Intrinsically Better Than Chef

    I can't comment on the best way to use Puppet to install CPAN modules, but I can say the best practice nowadays is to install a version of Perl for your application use, rather than to build on the Perl that may or may not be installed with the OS. The system Perl should be ignored since it is under control or the system and may be updated at random, breaking your application.

    You'll be a lot happier if you ignore the system Perl and just install a version of Perl you like under a user level directory. You'll never need to reach for sudo when installing Perl distributions again!

  • educated_foo commented on Why Puppet is Intrinsically Better Than Chef

    I'm not sure where the urge to install your own private $X should stop. Do you link against a static libc? Do you force all XS modules to be statically linked? Does "best practice" abhor dynamic linking?

  • commented on Why Puppet is Intrinsically Better Than Chef

    Even if you have to install your own Perl, it would help to know how to do so with Puppet.

    By the way my application is a command line application that should be made available to all users at all servers, so installing it as another user is unlikely going to work. I thought that Puppet is great for distributing software - it looks like Perl software is more complicated to distribute (?).

  • Hercynium commented on Why Puppet is Intrinsically Better Than Chef

    Going to try and answer a bunch of people's questions in one shot.

    First off - Puppet is not a build system. It's also not *really* much of a deployment system (though it can be made to be one if you need). It's certainly not an orchestration system, and yes I know about marionette and foreman, and I haven't yet used them, but those aren't puppet so they're out of scope for this comment :)


    * Installing your own perl
    * It's as easy or difficult as you want to make it. I suggest one of these options:
    1. Write a shell script that does it for…

  • Mark Leighton Fisher commented on Why Puppet is Intrinsically Better Than Chef

    One word - perlbrew.

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