• Commented on Floating Point Rounding Errors
    That's a great idea and a great program to do it. The only suggestion I have is that you accept the number from the command-line: to make it easier for people to run it with different values and see how...
  • Commented on A compelling reason for Perl6
    Not having a web framework is certainly a reason for not using Perl 6, but that doesn't mean that having one is a reason to use Perl 6. Unless the framework offered something radically new, that provided advantage over other...
  • Commented on Introducing - A better search for the CPAN
    Wow, you think that was "negativity" and not "feedback"? You must have had a sheltered life so far. The site as it stands is not as usable to me as, I listed the reasons why, and I gave suggestions....
  • Commented on Introducing - A better search for the CPAN
    POD documentation seems a lot less readable than on Font size is smaller, colour scheme for literal section is much lower contrast (grey text on grey background?), there's a lot of excessive vertical separation within text and between headers...
  • Commented on Inline::C optimizations
    Well you don't need to use undefined sections of the array at all really, you can prepopulate the unused parts of the array with the value you want returned. I don't think there's anything much faster you can do than...
  • Commented on Inline::C optimizations
    I'd always use a hash lookup before looping through an array and comparing values... What's wrong with doing $colours{ $clrchar }? And if that's not fast enough for you build the lookup table as an array and do $colours[ $clrchar...
  • Commented on HTTP::BrowserDetect for all of your UserAgent parsing needs
    I noticed this module becoming active again last year, which was an unexpected and happy surprise since I'd noticed it becoming increasingly out-of-date over the years. Just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you for resurrecting it....
  • Commented on I want Perl Testing Best Practices
    Great post, this is something I've found myself - too many of my distribution versions have been trying to resolve failures that weren't in the module itself, but because of unanticipated environmental factors that caused the test setup to fail....
  • Commented on Combinatory Substitution
    Is it intentional that "naagaa" isn't a listed combination?...
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  • Ben Bullock commented on Introducing - A better search for the CPAN

    There is some kind of encoding bug at the moment:

    Looks like doubly-encoded UTF-8.

    If you want to go over any of your suggestions in detail, please join us at #metacpan on
    I'd rather just send in a bug report by email if possible.
  • Olaf Alders commented on Introducing - A better search for the CPAN

    Thanks for pointing that out.

    There's no email reporting at this point, but creating new issues is almost as easy:

  • Aristotle commented on Introducing - A better search for the CPAN

    It would be keen if the results page had a quick indicator of “dependency weight”, some kind of dot or bullet that is bigger and darker the “heavier” a distribution is. You’d have to recurse on dependencies, mind. Basically CPANDeps built in.

  • nikosv commented on A compelling reason for Perl6

    I think that there is a slow but growing shift from OOP to functional programming, and if Perl 6 can accommodate for it better than other languages, then it can get a good share of the market.
    Then, a mix of dynamic and static typing is required by a modern language that keeps the benefits of each.
    And, another strong and very attractive point is the Parrot VM which allows for dynamic language interoperability as well as, do(or should do someday in the future) PAST tree transformations and meta…

  • jtimothyking1 commented on A compelling reason for Perl6

    Hi, Randal. I just discovered this post, thinking about the same sort of problem, a next-generation web framework, and thinking that Perl 6 might be the right platform on which to build it. I don't see any other posts on the topic, however, since this one. Have you brainstormed any further?


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