• Commented on Give your modules a good abstract
    > Don't start it with "perl module for" One thought; the documentation may not be aimed exclusively at CPAN. E.g. many people use their POD on github too, where it seems sensible to state that the module is for Perl...
  • Commented on Debuging method for perl Complex data structures
    If you have complex structures to debug Data::Dumper::Concise can be good.
  • Commented on POD Web View
    Nice! One suggestion, for people with wide monitors it would be nice to increase/remove the CSS max-width constraint on the container that holds the input/output panels? E.g. .container { max-width: none; }...
  • Commented on JQuery and Moose
    I haven't read the book, but in the synopsis it states that JQuery is a "JavaScript library" - I would agree with this, it's a library not a framework. You seem to be thinking about it as if it is...
  • Commented on Counter-productive over time
    SawyerX, I'm curious if you have some real-world examples of projects that illustrate why the no-deps approach is bad in practice? For me Mojolicious wouldn't fit in this category because the end product is actually very good and I'm a...
  • Commented on A Porter's Tale
    Interesting thanks. Having identified the kind of changes that were needed, we're you able to automate any of it? If so I'd be curious to know what approach you took....
  • Commented on Perl5 in the browser update
    Interesting thanks. Can I ask, what's your motivation for having Perl in the browser?...
  • Commented on Cpan Module not installing properly
    I'm having the same problem here, with a previously working setup....
  • Commented on Validation::Class, Mojolicious::Lite and HTML5 Form Field Rendering
    Nice work Al. I plan to try this out soon....
  • Commented on Validation::Class - Completely Rewritten
    I like the look of this, thanks!...
  • Commented on Introducing - A better search for the CPAN
    Good stuff, I can see a lot of work has gone into it. I really like it - particularly the new source view features. One visual cue I might miss from search.cpan is the boxes around the code snippets. Also,...
  • Commented on Heads Up: Functions in CSS
    There's also a Perl based parser for .less files on CPAN (though I haven't tried it)
  • Commented on Yet Another Dancer Site
    An interesting post, thanks. And congrats on the site launch!...
  • Commented on An amazing Javascript graphics package: Protovis
    I couldn't find any documentation on which browsers are officially supported, and admittedly I havent done much investigation, but none of the examples work in IE8, and the link I posted *suggests* that IE is not officially supported....
  • Commented on An amazing Javascript graphics package: Protovis
    Looks really nice, but its a shame it doesn't support IE - makes it difficult to recommend for a production environment. That said, it sounds like IE support might be possible with some 3rd party scripts and some extra effort...
  • Commented on Perl101: Red to Green Gradient
    oops the previous comment should have this link: (I can't see how to edit it though)...
  • Commented on Perl101: Red to Green Gradient
    I had to do this a while back. I ended up with a short javascript function which creates a gradient for any number of colours by doing linear interpolation of the HSV values:
  • Commented on Why so puzzled?
    Lightwieght frameworks like Dancer and Mojolicious make things a little easier than they were. The perl shared hosting site is a nice idea too, but seems to have lost momentum....
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  • educated_foo commented on Debuging method for perl Complex data structures

    Getting any text posted here is a minor achievement. I think you can do syntax highlighting by using both "code" and "pre" tags, but checking this by using "preview" would probably either not work or log me out. People have also embedded iframes to other sites to do syntax highlighting. (And yes, my session had expired when I tried to post this. This site is pathetic.)

  • Ross Attrill commented on Debuging method for perl Complex data structures

    I have been using

    use Data::Dump qw(dump);

    and finding it to be excellent in most circumstances.

  • chimerix commented on Debuging method for perl Complex data structures

    I never use Data::Dumper. Depending on circumstances, I use Data::Printer or Data::Dump.

    FYI Ross, Data::Dump exports 'dd' by default which is easier to remember and type and also avoids accidental coredumps if you forget to explicitly import 'dump'.

  • Jay Allen commented on Debuging method for perl Complex data structures

    Data::Dumper is like a trusty dog. Always there, a reliable friend, licks his backside more often than I'd like after I ask him to print out a particularly complex data structure or object…

    For most things, I'm now using Data::Printer...

    Data::Printer is actually a "better" alternative if you just need to have nice printouts of data with coloring to guid your eye and some smart auto detection

    It's not just pretty, but damn if it isn't powerful[1], customizable[2] and seriously eyeball-[3] and keystroke-saving[4]. Read just the author's

  • Neil Bowers commented on Give your modules a good abstract

    Nicki: my 'solution' to that is to put "A perl 5 module for" at the start of my github repo descriptions. So Lingua-EN-Fractions has a tagline of "A perl 5 module for converting fractions into English phrases".

    Still not perfect, I know, but I prefer to lean towards a better experience in MetaCPAN / / recent lists.

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