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    The phrase I'd use for Rakudo Star is "partial prototype." It doesn't include all the features, and the implementation itself will likely change radically before the production-ready release, but what's there does work. And so, "partial prototype" or maybe "developer...
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  • pmichaud commented on How to write about Perl 6
    “Usable” begs the questions “to whom” and “for what”; the latter being the bigger question.

    In many senses, those are exactly the sorts of questions I'd like to have begged when someone says "Is Rakudo ready yet?" :-)

    I doubt that it's possible for us to come up with an short + accurate description that is immediately and clearly understood by everyone who reads it. Some people see only the words "Perl 6" and "release" and expect that the rest of the announcement conforms to their conception of what "release" means, regardless of what it actu…

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