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  • Commented on The JVM *could* host a Perl implementation - and do it well!
    Shirley, you can't be serious. Current JVMs have fixed heap sizes and, if you're using a decent-sized heap, GC pauses of over a minute. ONE MINUTE OF DOING NOTHING. And no I'm not kidding. It's called a "Juliet Pause". Nodes...
  • Commented on cygwin perl updated from 5.10 to 5.14
    Reini: "When you can keep your head while all those around you are losing theirs, you obviously do not understand the situation." But: This also applies in the inverse. Your "security problem" is as real as Russell's tea set orbiting...
  • Commented on Announcing namespace::sweep
    +1. Thank you, I plan to use this....
  • Commented on A compelling reason for Perl6
    Decade? That's arbitrary and short....
  • Commented on And the fastest OO accessor is...
    Thank you for these tests! As it happens I've gotten used to the Moose meta object stuff. Perhaps I'll wean myself of it to gain the Mouse speed, someday. What demerphq said - Class::XSAccessor deserves inclusion. I would like a...
  • Commented on Roles without Moose?
    A comparison with Class::XSAccessor would be interesting; I think that's the fastest known accessor method that actually is a method....
  • Commented on vim: add a 'use' statement without moving the cursor
    How about us Emacs users?...
  • Commented on Perl 101: avoid "elsif"
    I'm disappointed that "avoid" would be the advice. "Take note of," sure. "Beware," OK. But "avoid?" No....
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  • Steven Lee commented on Announcing namespace::sweep

    Great idea! Now I can hold like this

  • jrw32982 commented on cygwin perl updated from 5.10 to 5.14

    Reini: have you gotten perlbrew to work on cygwin? With the latest install of cygwin (with perl5.14.2), trying to install perl-5.14.2 with the latest perlbrew, I get a hang after ../dist/threads-shared/t/shared_attr.t. This is on WinXP Pro 2002 SP3. BTW, thanks for your work on perl in cygwin -- I use it constantly.

  • nikosv commented on The JVM *could* host a Perl implementation - and do it well!

    The JVM has been designed with statically typed languages in mind,the same goes for the CLR and that is why the DLR (build on top of CLR) came into existence;to cater for dynamic languages, as well as interoperate with the static ones on the same platform.

    Of course dynamic languages could use the CLR, like the first version of IronPython was,but required more effort by the designer because of CLR's design and orientation. As a matter of fact Jim Hugunin creator of IronPython initially started his research on the JVM where he had made Jython
    In ="…

  • jtimothyking1 commented on A compelling reason for Perl6

    Hi, Randal. I just discovered this post, thinking about the same sort of problem, a next-generation web framework, and thinking that Perl 6 might be the right platform on which to build it. I don't see any other posts on the topic, however, since this one. Have you brainstormed any further?


  • daveloyall commented on The JVM *could* host a Perl implementation - and do it well!

    Hi. I don't understand the subject of this post very well. That being said, I don't see mention of recent work being done on the JVM that I believe is relevant to this discussion. So, without further ado: Please note that this has been implemented in Java 8, and beta builds are now available.


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