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  • Commented on Perl 6 Status
    I am reticent to add the link to Perl 5 - I think anyone who cares about the status of Perl 6 probably already knows exactly how it relates to Perl 5, and I'm keen not to add too much...
  • Commented on Perl 6 Status
    I think it would be useful to add a roadmap for Rakudo, too...
  • Posted Perl 6 Status to Peter Sergeant

    Today, from Freenode's #perl6:

    01:41 zzzzzzzzzz> Is there no site that gives a current status of Perl6 work
    that a non-guru could follow?

    01:42 zzzzzzzzzz> Most of the hits under…

  • Posted Launched to Peter Sergeant

    I know what you're thinking. You're thinking: "What this world has too few of, is recruiters. The world definitely needs more recruiters". And given that shocking lack of people trying to get you a job, I've launched Perl Careers.

    My eventual goa…

  • Posted Install XML::LibXML without root to Peter Sergeant

    Get a source tarball for libxml2-dev. On `apt` systems:

    apt-get source libxml2-dev

    Configure it to install locally, and then install it:

    cd libxml2-dev/
    ./configure --prefix=/home/peters/perl5/alien/
    make install
  • Posted Install Net::SSLeay without root to Peter Sergeant

    Want to install Net::SSLeay on a Debian or Ubuntu system that you don't have root on, and doesn't have `libssl-dev` installed? Let me see if I can save you some time...

    You are going to need to keep a compiled version of libssl around, and so you need to decide where that will live: I went…

  • Posted Perl as CPAN glue to Peter Sergeant

    Quite a while I got interested in the idea of short, clear examples showing Perl as glue for CPAN. I recently refound these, and they caught my imagination:

  • Commented on Volunteer! Time series stats of new PAUSE ids
    Actual clickable link that renders it:
  • Commented on Volunteer! Time series stats of new PAUSE ids -- should do it Output:
  • Posted Hiring Senior Devs in London to Peter Sergeant

    I'm hiring two positions in my team in lovely, sunny Canary Wharf (London)...

    It took me a long time to write the job ads, s…

  • Commented on [FB]izzBuzz in Perl
    Slightly longer and uglier, no warnings: say((('Fizz')[$_%3]||'').(('Buzz')[$_%5]||'')or$_) for 1..100;...
  • Commented on [FB]izzBuzz in Perl
    As someone else has pointed out, brevity is not necessarily what you want to be optimizing for. That said: say(('Fizz')[$_%3].('Buzz')[$_%5]or$_) for 1..100; Throws warnings, though....
  • Posted MooseX::Params::Validate to Peter Sergeant

    Subroutines that take more than a single argument should really be using something like MooseX::Params::Validate.


    sub vivisect { 
    my ( $self, $args ) = @_;
    confess 'Ex…

  • Posted Sequences, Sets, Bags, Functions to Peter Sergeant

    Groups of Items

    A sequence is an ordered list of items, whose items aren't necessarily unique. Perl's arrays are sequences of a finite size:

    my @sequence = qw/bar baz ban baz baz/;

    A set, however, is an uno…

  • Commented on De Morgan's laws in Perl
    Steven: Erlang's `and` and `or` don't short-circuit - instead `andalso` and `orelse` must be used....
  • Posted De Morgan's laws in Perl to Peter Sergeant

    We've been simplifying some ugly code recently, and De Morgan's laws have come up more than once. A developer on the team complained the Wikipedia entry obscured - from a developer's perspective - the simplicity of these quite useful transformation rules, so, expressed in Perl:

    Given $…

  • Commented on Agile Companies?
    One of my clients, NET-A-PORTER, strongly embraces Agile development - all development projects have a backlog, scrums, product owner, agile project manager, etc, and run in such a way that it seems to help rather than hinder. They've even started...
  • Posted New Project: ziprip.js to Peter Sergeant

    I've been playing with JS a bit recently, and have released a client-side library for extracting postal addresses and geocoords from webpages - it's intended for use in bookmarklets and browser extensions:

    I've also made it wo…

  • Commented on Introducing Class::ConfigHash
    Class::ConfigHash : 0.0000072s per lookup Dancer::Config::Object: 0.0000015s per lookup Direct lookup : 0.0000003s per lookup So Dancer::Config::Object is also faster, assuming your config hash won't change once loaded....
  • Commented on Introducing Class::ConfigHash
    There are a few differences, but the most interesting to the end user is probably that Class::ConfigHash doesn't rely on having Dancer installed ;-) From a feature perspective, Class::ConfigHash allows you to have default values, or specify that certain paths...
  • Posted Introducing Class::ConfigHash to Peter Sergeant

    A while ago I saw a post by Ovid on boxing hashes for configuration in Dancer. The idea seemed pretty neat, and I found myself doing something similar in some work for

  • Posted Introducing Template::Plugin::StashValidate to Peter Sergeant

    I've been using MooseX::Params::Validate more and more recently for checking incoming parameters. I'm a big fan of the Moose type system, and love the implicit documentation you get from having a block at the top of…

  • Commented on Behavior Driven Development in Perl
    Hi Al, I'm curious as to why you started your own Cucumber implementation - were there features missing from Test::BDD::Cucumber you were relying on?...
  • Commented on Behavior Driven Development in Perl
    Hi Tudor, I'm glad you're enjoying using Test::BDD::Cucumber! Please let me know how you get on, and which features you're interested in - at the moment, development is very much driven by what people are missing. I've added tag support...
  • Posted Perl and Cucumber to Peter Sergeant

    On one hand, I love getting bug reports for my Cucumber on Perl distro - it means people are using it, which is nice. On the other hand, I wish I hadn't but the bugs in in the first place...

  • Commented on Test::Builder2 vs CPAN and How You Can Help
    I recently had to update two of my modules to deal with TB2. I was alerted to this by a CPAN smoker using it, which was helpful... You can see what I was doing in TB1, compared to what I...
  • Posted Estimating Like an Adult - Part 2 to Peter Sergeant

    I wrote the followup to my last article on estimating - you can see it here: Estimating like an Adult - What to Steal from Agile

  • Posted How to Estimate like an Adult to Peter Sergeant

    New post on my Software Engineering blog: How to Estimate like an Adult

  • Posted Testing Updates to Peter Sergeant

    Test::More::Prefix works with new Test::Builder

    One of the CPAN testers appears to have picked up that there's a n…

  • Commented on How should a JSON parser handle character strings?
    Ben, I think we are at an impasse here. Your position is that as you can handle character strings in a way that doesn't cause data corruption, then you should - that as the parse operation is going to perform...
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  • vsespb commented on Volunteer! Time series stats of new PAUSE ids


    found a link:

    When you look at the numbers of recent uploads, 42 out of the most recent 50 (which is what the rubygems api gets you) are first releases (possibly more, I gave them the benefit of the doubt), while cpan uploads are almost the reverrse at 9 out of 52.

  • Barbie commented on Volunteer! Time series stats of new PAUSE ids

    Ah you mean this graph that's been a part of CPAN Testers Statistics from quite a few years ;)

    Click on the graph to see the trends over the years.

  • Ron Savage commented on Volunteer! Time series stats of new PAUSE ids

    Hi Barbie

    Yes, that's the one.

    It's like not being a millionaire - Someone else beat me to it....

  • jjn1056 commented on Perl 6 Status

    would you be open to a patch that outlines the relationship between Perl5 and Perl6? This is still clearly a frustrating and FUD prone topic. Something like:

    What in the relationship between Perl5 and Perl6?

    Although Perl6 was originally envisioned as the next great version of Perl, the community now deems Perl5 and Perl6 as separate projects with separate development teams and project goals. Perl5 continues to flourish into its 3rd decade and there is no plan for it to cease development anytime soon. (maybe some relevant link here??)

  • Neil Bowers commented on Perl 6 Status

    jjn1056 wrote:

    Although Perl6 was originally envisioned as the next great version of Perl, the community now deems Perl5 and Perl6 as separate projects

    There doesn't seem to be a clear position on that. For example, look at this talk from Liz, in particular:

    • never bought the sister language argument
    • Perl is evolving, and this is it
    • The new Perl is Perl 6
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