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  • Olivier Mengué (dolmen) commented on Exercise 1. 3s and 5s.

    The code is still mangled :(

  • fibo commented on How do we know when a CORE module is deprecated?

    Come on, it's not that tragedy. On RedHat perl-CGI is already packaged.

    It is not that difficut to include instructions for those who want to port their CGI scripts.

    Something like

    sudo cpan CGI

    will do the trick ;)

    I think Perl can move on and remove from core modules.

    What it is really missing in the core, in my opinion, are IO::Socket::SSL and Plack.

    Look at Node.js core, for example

    We need https!

  • Ovid commented on Avoid a Common Software Bug By Using Perl 6


    That's actually deliberate. Perl 6 does have a type inference engine in the optimizer. However, type inference can often generate obscure errors that are hard to understand. Larry Wall has said that until they have a better handle on how to present those errors without dumping a mathematical proof on the user, many errors will remain runtime errors instead of compile time errors.

    Thus, simple cases like the one you've found will probably be added in the future, it's hard to say how far the Perl 6 devs will go with this.

  • Offer Kaye commented on Avoid a Common Software Bug By Using Perl 6

    Very nice article, thank you very much Ovid!

    One question though, about this code:

    die unless $_[0] =~ /^\d+$/;

    One obvious bug is that it will accept octal numbers such as "040". Will the Perl6 "Int" type prevent such numbers?

  • Buddy Burden commented on Breaking the Fourth YAPC
    There's actually been a good amount of work here - See

    This actually looks very promising. Although it's a bit worrisome that I need a specially built perl ... that seems to imply that Perl6 will be shelling out to Perl5 via a system call or somesuch. Which may have performance implications.

    But, nonetheless, this is something I wish the Perl 6 folks at YAPC would have been more vocal about. I think it would go a long way towards allaying …

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