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  • Commented on Perl in a Developing Country
    Welcome! I agree with Karl, do start a Perl Mongers group, even if you are the only one for a while! It'll literally put Papua New Guinea on the Perl map. See Elizabeth Cholet (zrusilla),
  • Commented on technical meeting
    They're in French but I'll prepare an English version if you like....
  • Commented on Every Perl module needs a test file
    [TDD] is an unaffordable luxury and in some situations, where the coding happens in an explorative manner, is flat-out impossible because you don't really know how you want your code to behave until you figure out how it can work....
  • Commented on The October that will never be
    This behaviour is gendered: the acts of young male playground bullies who never grew up. It is particularly vile, and a waste, that this behaviour should come from those who actually have something to contribute. Gentlemen, Perl programming isn't a...
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  • educated_foo commented on Every Perl module needs a test file

    Tsk, tsk, Chromatic...

    I suppose your book explains which TLAs I should chant while coding.

  • commented on Every Perl module needs a test file

    I'll add one to the second edition. How about:

    "If you have nothing constructive or kind to contribute to a discussion, please feel free not to comment."

  • Mithaldu commented on Every Perl module needs a test file

    > becoming the first consumer of your own API will help you figure out in a hurry whether

    That is true. I often do this whenever i am in a situation where i can apply working like this.

    > Tests are highly compatible with exploratory coding.

    Not in all cases though. Example from my work: I have an XML web API (blegh), that is supposed to provide me with data about one-way flights. I have zero documentation or explanation of it however, as the thing is still being built on the other side. That means that i have no idea what individual data points can be extracted from i…

  • Jake Coughlin commented on technical meeting

    I'd love an English version of the slides if you have the time and resources!

    I recently wrote a FF automation script using MozRepl. It was challenging, fun and rewarding -- the source to WWW::Mechanize::Firefox was invaluable!

    And by coincidence, I recently wrote an HTTP service request library using AnyEvent. There's a comment in one of the MozRepl modules about needing to rewrite Net::Telnet with AnyEvent, and I've thought about accepting that challenge.

    Anyway, so I'm very curious about the AnyEvent and Coro bits of the presentation!

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