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  • Commented on When "unsafety" is a Good Thing
    The latest news on the subject wants a team of Swedish students releasing a paper that compares Node.js/Javascript to C# and suggests, including the aspect of typing, which one is a better fit for a betting company's IT operation. It...
  • Commented on When "unsafety" is a Good Thing
    I did a three part article on type systems a couple of years ago, which looks into their strong and weak points, quirks and idiosyncrasies, and reaches to a conclusion based on their comparison with each other (strong vs weak,dynamic...
  • Commented on The JVM *could* host a Perl implementation - and do it well!
    The JVM has been designed with statically typed languages in mind,the same goes for the CLR and that is why the DLR (build on top of CLR) came into existence;to cater for dynamic languages, as well as interoperate with the...
  • Posted Learning Perl, 6th Edition book review most popular of 2011 to nikos

    The "Learning Perl, 6th edition" book review had the distinction of being iProgrammer's most popular review of 2011, between more than 250 reviews on a…

  • Commented on MySQL vs PostgreSQL
    Can you give a short preview on the key points compared which will declare the winner?...
  • Posted Perl's threading model,not that bad afterall to nikos

    I've been checking the latest developments in the new C++ standard, C++11, and noticed that it now has support for thread local storage.

    It adopts a "hybrid" approach; sharing by default but also using TLS slots for storing globals with thread scope
    This reminded me that the last .NE…

  • Commented on New Beginning Perl book
    I find the idea of providing inside information on what is actually required by a Perl shop, quite refreshing. Perl can be applied to a vast array of subject areas and this would be invaluable for people who want to...
  • Commented on A compelling reason for Perl6
    I think that there is a slow but growing shift from OOP to functional programming, and if Perl 6 can accommodate for it better than other languages, then it can get a good share of the market. Areas that the...
  • Commented on What are your environment settings for Unicode?
    hi Brian, can you please confirm that you have received an email from me with a pdf attached ? thanks...
  • Commented on What are your environment settings for Unicode?
    Hi Brian, are you going to cover the Win32 console and Unicode issues on Windows as well?...
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  • Buddy Burden commented on When "unsafety" is a Good Thing

    Woohoo! Lots of great comments; thx guys!

    @brian d foy:

    Treating numbers and strings as the same thing is a problem for US zip codes that have leading 0s. :)

    I'm not sure I agree here ... since Perl has specifically different operators for strings and numbers, you actually have to work pretty hard to lose that leading 0 ... like a `print $zip + 0` or something. :-)


    I don't think I would call that "Nancy typing" so much as "turn-on-warnings-you-twit-typing." :-D

    @Gabor Szabo:

    One thing that might be…
  • Toby Inkster commented on When "unsafety" is a Good Thing

    A lot of the times that type safety could save you, it doesn't. SQL injection attacks still happen, because the SQL and the thing injected into it are both the same type (strings). If you could get a compile-time error trying to concatenate an SQL string with an unescaped string, that would be a great argument in favour of strong typing.

    "Anything that’s “strong” has to be better than something that’s “weak” ... right?"

    What about stenches?

  • Timm Murray commented on When "unsafety" is a Good Thing

    The specific case I was thinking of happened under Oracle. I know Oracle is a bit of a redheaded stepchild in the Perl community, but we still have to deal with it.

    The problem did happen with placeholders. DBD::Oracle makes some guesses about the placeholder types, and in this case, those guesses were causing problems. The solution was actually to convert this specific case to bind variables with an explicit type.

    I do agree that it's a relatively narrow case, though.

  • jtimothyking1 commented on A compelling reason for Perl6

    Hi, Randal. I just discovered this post, thinking about the same sort of problem, a next-generation web framework, and thinking that Perl 6 might be the right platform on which to build it. I don't see any other posts on the topic, however, since this one. Have you brainstormed any further?


  • daveloyall commented on The JVM *could* host a Perl implementation - and do it well!

    Hi. I don't understand the subject of this post very well. That being said, I don't see mention of recent work being done on the JVM that I believe is relevant to this discussion. So, without further ado: Please note that this has been implemented in Java 8, and beta builds are now available.


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