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  • About: Programming Perl 5 in Emacs for over a decade, blogging since a few minutes. Expect tidbits about both technologies here (if at all, I'm not too sure I can develop a blogging habit).
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  • Peter Rabbitson commented on Social diagnostics

    It is funny you used perl as the base for your metaphor. I would like to extend it a little further with these questions:

    • Do you believe it is acceptable to change perl to have warnings enabled by default without an explicit request? By extension do you believe it is acceptable to issue warnings across the board[1] of our rather diverse and very darkpan-like community?

  • tinita commented on Social diagnostics

    Regarding patronizing/protecting:

    Like I have mentioned elsewhere: we recently had a discussion in our german perl forum. It was about something that is typical for the german language (male and female job titles, a problem that does not exist in the english language).
    The discussion seemed very aggressive to me - from the direction of the guys (and the anonymous trolls who didn't want to tell their gender).
    More or less regularly we two female moderators are criticized, and usually in this criticism the gender is emphasized, and usually a concrete reason for criticism is…

  • Matt S Trout (mst) commented on Social diagnostics

    Swillert wrote:

    By calling it out for being offensive and/or alienating.

    As Joe said - "I didn't, and don't, want to see it either." Neither do I.

    If you believe that members of a particular group are being offended by something but you aren't ... first look into yourself and ask why you aren't offended too.

    Disliking gross sexualisation because gross sexualisation is horrible works out well, it just requires us to stop and think and realise …

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