• About: I am a web applications, and enterprise systems developer who is always on the lookout for better programming paradigms and coding styles.
  • Posted Javascript style pseudo-classes in Perl to Hathy

    I am as much a Javascript developer as a Perl developer, and that is primarily because of the striking similarities the languages share, one of the most useful of which is the concept of closures.

  • Commented on A very basic LISP style expression parser
    Thanks for letting me know about your generic Parser::MGC module. I am sure I will be using it in the near future....
  • Commented on A very basic LISP style expression parser
    I read through the source of AI::Prolog, and must say, I learned a lot about parsing from it....
  • Posted A very basic LISP style expression parser to Hathy

    I had always been interested in writing a simple LISP interpreter. Well, had some free time today, and thought, why not create a parser that can return the results of mathematical expressions that are entered as LISP expressions. Nothing fancy,…

  • Commented on A simple API to access Reddit
    SPORE module does seem helpful....
  • Posted A simple API to access Reddit to Hathy

    I had always wanted to perform some analysis on all the posts that Reddit gets. I searched CPAN for a module that does something similar, and found nothing. So, I decided to write my own. This is still a work in progress, and currently only allows you to fetch and parse…

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