• Commented on A GUI for CPAN::Mini
    Good use for a GUI, and it looks good too!...
  • Commented on CPAN Workshop in Houston at cPanel
    Excellent workshop, Brian!!...
  • Commented on Dance with the one that brung ya
    @Joel, I'd love it if M::L were front and center in the newcomer's face. But how do we make it so obvious to newcomers that they think of M::L when their boss says they have till the end of the...
  • Commented on Dance with the one that brung ya
    Regarding "de facto", I think is the victim here, it grew to a de facto standard within a TMTOWTDI language and culture. Though it wasn't the language or our culture that promoted to this status, I think it...
  • Posted Dance with the one that brung ya to silent11

    I just read chris fedde's response to Ejecting From the Perl Core, my head nodded in agreement from start to…

  • Commented on The Making of Mojocasts
    The content, flow, and esthetic of first two screencasts were excellent! Nice Job!...
  • Posted 10 years of programming perl to silent11

    I logged in to perlmonks yesterday to find this!


    10 years of programming Perl.

  • Posted Onion and CPAN to silent11

    Onion CPAN Logo

  • Commented on My Perl Pillow
    @Robert, As far as I know it's one of a kind. I gave this image to this pillow designer and a few day later I had a pillow delivered :)...
  • Posted My Perl Pillow to silent11
  • Commented on Perl is Dead (to
    @coke, yes. That was the point of the post. Bing doesn't realize that "Perl is Alive" is a topic of discussion on the web. I pointed out the link in my screenshot....
  • Commented on Perl is Dead (to
    There is nothing custom to my bing setup (not that I've done anyway), and I get the same results in firefox, again having never been to bing before in this browser. Oh well....
  • Posted Perl is Dead (to to silent11

    I've been a google user ever since giving up AltaVista back in the day. I've heard good things about bing, laughed at their funny TV advertisements, and have deep-down (in a weird sort of way) wanted a search product from M$ to be a success.

    I decided a few days ago that I'd give …

  • Commented on Tips on
    When I whiped up this post last night I knew there'd be parts I'd come to regret (if not all of it). So, after cooling off and getting some sleep... Leo, I didn't mean to take anything out on you...
  • Posted Tips on to silent11

    Why does dis on other languages?

    "Perl -- It's like Java, only it lets you deliver on time and under budget."

    Are you kidding me? Is that what we're about?

    Instead, why don't we be critical abou…

  • Posted Another reason why I use Emacs as my primary editor to silent11

    My editor of choice is Emacs. Like Perl, one of its strengths is its flexibility. (some would argue this a weakness. to each their own) Here's just one example I recently found... you can extend Emacs to change the cursor based on what mode you are in (normal, read-only, overwrite)

  • Posted Thank You, Perl Advent Calendar Authors of 2009 to silent11

    I Love ALL the Perl Advent Calendars!! The Perl6 calendar has got me SO excited for Perl6, I can't wait to finish a couple of my projects so I can get a new version of pugs installed. The last time I installed pugs was 11…

  • Posted Hello World to silent11

    I'm very glad to see another perl blogging/journaling site. More to come...

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  • Matt Perry commented on Dance with the one that brung ya

    No, we don't have to promote something else. Those other things can be installed from CPAN with a single command. We don't need to put everything in the core.

  • Matt Perry commented on Dance with the one that brung ya

    The only difference to the end-user by removing from the core is that the small number of people that use it will need to type "cpan CGI" before they first use it. After that it'll be like it was never gone.

    In fact, they likely won't even need to do that. Let's face it. The reality today isn't much different for the end-user. CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux put in a separate RPM package and it's not installed by default when one installs the Perl RPM. If a user of CentOS or RHEL needs they might already find it not installed, despite that it being included i…

  • zaki commented on A GUI for CPAN::Mini

    I love this! Where is the source so I can try it? :-)

    Oh, in case you're interested, there was some discussion about making a web-driven installer work with MetaCPAN. I'm sure this would be possible with the installation of a GUI and protocol handler.

  • Alex commented on A GUI for CPAN::Mini

    It will be on GitHub soon :)

  • Alex commented on A GUI for CPAN::Mini

    Here it is:
    Comments and patches welcome.

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