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  • Posted Available for Perl Work to Uri

    Hi All,

    I am available for Perl work. I can work remotely or locally in the
    Boston area. Also I can be on-site a reasonable amount of time depending
    on travel logistics.

    You can see my design and coding skills on CPAN (id: URI).

    Damian Conway said this about me …

  • Posted Perl Hunter Job Leads to Uri

    The Perl Hunter has several new job leads. Check them out on the Perl
    samples (URL is fine) to PDF at

  • Commented on Should Perl have a `chomped` function?
    use File::Slurp my @lines = read_file $file, chomp => 1 ; and that isn’t just a convenience function. it is also faster than using <>. if you are reading line by line, chomp isn’t an issue anyhow. rchomp is not...
  • Posted RIP Sherm Pendley to Uri

    Sherm Pendley passed away this last weekend. He was a regular on usenet
    know him well over the several months as I placed him at his current
    job. He was very well respected and liked at that company and all h…

  • Commented on edit_file and edit_file_lines
    yes it does. read the article in the distro in extras/ and it explains why that is ok for most files. the key is that most files are less than 1 MB and that is a tiny amount of ram...
  • Commented on edit_file and edit_file_lines
    yep. the inner string should be "". i will fix the post and the pod....
  • Posted edit_file and edit_file_lines to Uri

    to localize $^I and @ARGV to do that? Now you can do that with a simple
    call to edit_file or edit_file_lines in the new .018 release of
    File::Slurp. Now you can modify a file in place with a simple cal…

  • Commented on Template::Simple .04 is on CPAN
    I have just finished adding toolkit and template::tiny to my new benchmark program. i will be posting about this benchmark very soon as i want the various template users to be able to optimize the other entries. i had to...
  • Commented on Perl Hunter Job Leads
    sorry about the lack of response back then. we seemed to have cleared it up on irc the other night. as for what kind of code i want, it really doesn't matter. the key is i need to see your...
  • Commented on Perl Hunter Job Leads
    I get many resumes and I can't or don't respond to them all. If you think I have let your resume slip by, then email me about it. I always reply to those emails. As for requesting PDF or plain...
  • Commented on Perl Hunter Job Leads
    I just was notified of that today and I have updated the blog entry. This client may have openings in the future so if you want to apply there, let me know first as I have a great relationship with...
  • Commented on Template::Simple .04 is on CPAN
    i am planning on a full rewrite of the benchmark script to make it easier to add other templaters and to also run and ignore the templaters that are not loaded. probably it will also have a command line option...
  • Posted Perl Hunter Job Leads to Uri

    I figure I might as well get blogging on Perl Hunting as well.

    I have set of Perl job leads open now. This is a telecommute job from these
    8 states or onsite in Silver Springs MD:


    Read more about this jo…

  • Posted Template::Simple .04 is on CPAN to Uri

    I have released Template::Simple .04 to CPAN. This is a major update
    a benchmark script. Templates can be compiled and run much faster. The

  • Posted File::Slurp 9999.16 is on CPAN to Uri

    After too long a wait, I have updated File::Slurp with a long list of requested features and bug fixes. See the Changes file for the changes in the recent burst of 3 releases. Major changes include adding prepend_file()…

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  • TomDLux commented on edit_file and edit_file_lines

    Text::Ased ... not quite as simple, but it lets you do replacements only on lines that satisfy a condition

  • Nova Patch commented on Should Perl have a `chomped` function?

    Actually, Perl 6 simply covers this with its own chomp. In Perl 6, neither chop nor chomp modify their arguments in-place. This is the case with most (all?) core functions/methods. You could call chomp($line) or $line.chomp to return the chomped value, or $line.=chomp to chomp in-place. The method-call assignment operator .= is a cool addition to the various assignment operators like +=. The spec used to include p5chop and p5chomp but those were later…

  • Joel Berger commented on Should Perl have a `chomped` function?

    @Aristotle FTW! chomped is descriptive and possibly not highly used.

    @{Uri,Nick}, the truth is this is just daydreaming; I don’t imagine that I can actually get something like this into the (p5) core. Also as I think about it, I wouldn’t even know how, I’m having a hard enough time figuring out where chomp comes from!

    (as an aside, Tie::Select could be easily added to the core, possibly renamed SelectSaver::Tie; its only 4 lines and its bulletproof! Wouldn’t you rather rely on a stack rather than destructors?)

  • Joel Berger commented on Should Perl have a `chomped` function?

    daxim points out (on the SO post) that Text::Chomped exists. I haven’t looked at the code, but if its any good, I would support it going core.

  • Joel Berger commented on Should Perl have a `chomped` function?

    Ok not that exact implementation, it should be able to handle an array (rather than an arrayref). Sorry about the noise.

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