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    My first go at this was with Dr Forr, my long time Perl mentor and friend. While working together we convinced the boss, his brother, to open up our office as a lab for a series of open to the public classes, more or using the same format and overarching plan I've jotted down for this proposed…

  • Commented on My First Twitter App
    Willem, Which program produces this error? You need to run oauth first, hit the URL it produces, paste in the code you get back and press enter. That should create the file the program uses. Did that help?...
  • Commented on Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes
    strict (vars at least) and warnings by default Honestly, can't come up with two more without reading up or thinking about it, I'll do both and come back. Okay, try::tiny in core would be nice That's all I got....
  • Posted My First Twitter App to corwin

    Today I finished my first twitter app. My main point in posting this entry is to talk about how wonderful is Perl, and in particular how fancy is Net::Twitter. If you already know these things you can safely stop reading now.

    My completed application is two programs each of which appear …

  • Posted Was it something I said? to corwin

    This morning I re-tweeted a a post from @petdance where he says (or, moreover, I understood him to say) OpenSource developers can be surly. I agree.

    Shortly thereafter, I read ="http://blogs.…

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  • leonerd commented on Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

    Almost everyone here is adding the same predictable things... "real" OO, without defining what that means, and function/method prototypes/signatures, as a way of unpacking arguments. That's not what I'd like to see.

    What I'd like to see is the idea started by the pluggable keywords API, extended a lot more. Create a mechanism for pluggable keywords to be invoked, not at the surface characters of the syntax of a perl source-code file, but at strategic points in the parse tree of a perl program.

    I'd like to see optrees expressable as Perl-accessible object state, in ways that c…

  • David Cantrell commented on Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes
    1. LISP-stylee macros.

    2. Ability to have multiple versions of modules installed.

    3. A text/character encoding system that doesn't confuse the hell out of me.

  • worldofspaz commented on My First Twitter App

    @Willem (or, more likely, anyone that stumbles across this post later) - the program assumes that the .oauth file exists on the first run. Just create a file with that name in the directory.

  • robreed commented on My First Twitter App

    I'm just coming across this now. I'm wondering if there are any problems I should anticipate given that the original post was written a few years ago. Maybe it's a little bit of laziness on my part, and apologize for that but maybe a confirmation at this point would be useful to others who come along in a week, or a year.

    Thanks for the work and taking the time to share. Cheers.

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