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  • Commented on The comma operator
    shawnhcorey: consistency = predictability inconsistency = gotchas Aristotle: Maybe Perl wasn’t the best choice then. :-) ------------------------------------------- Maybe this is why we have a hard time bringing new blood into Perl....
  • Commented on Sexual Harassment?
    I think it depends on the situation. Situation 1: Linda and Matt are friends. They've grown close at work, talked about interests. That sort of thing. IE: They have a comfortable relationship already and Matt's interested in her. If this...
  • Commented on Data::Dump::Color (proof of concept)
    I may have misunderstood, but I was under the impression from the Data::Printer talk that if you wanted the generated Perl code that Data::Dumper gave you, then Data::Printer wasn't really for you. The idea was that Data::Dumper was really meant...
  • Commented on Something for Perl event organisers to take into consideration
    As a woman who works as a developer, and where just about every thing I love to do is dominated by men, I can appreciate having a CoC. Thing is, in the types of situations he brings up, I'd not...
  • Commented on And so it begins
    I'm very interested in your experiences. I'm in the process of doing the very same thing. Or at least looking into it. I'd love to possibly just sit down and chat with you and perhaps share experiences in a proprietary/employer...
  • Commented on Fixing XSS in Catalyst with a really big hammer
    I think this would make a great addition to the Catalyst Tutorial....
  • Commented on @perl_jobs
    Hmm... just because says there are 77 perl jobs does not mean much, honestly. And that job I told you about where they laughed about what I was making, and how even a perl expert wouldn't get that? That...
  • Posted @perl_jobs to Leanan

    With respect for perl jobs, here are a few things that have struck me as odd, and I’m curious if I’m the only one who seems to experience it:

    I’ve seen the following both recently and in years past; it never seems to change.

    1. Finding a perl job (let alone …

  • Commented on Why are people asking for a Perl name change again?
    I think this was the point I was intending to get to, I just did it in a more rambling manner (due to the fact I never intended that to get published just yet). Thank you. This is what I've...
  • Commented on $perl6 = 'Duke Nukem Forever';
    Ugh, this wasn't supposed to go live yet. I saved it, and apparently save = publish. *sigh* I was working out what I wanted to say, and well, it's here. But I won't pull it. I hate it when people...
  • Posted $perl6 = 'Duke Nukem Forever'; to Leanan

    For those of you who get the reference, great. For those of you who don’t, I recommend reading the development section over on Wikipedia.

    I write this with some hesitation, because I know it’s a touchy s…

  • Commented on Bead, ivory, off-white
    I've actually come across people at various jobs where the version of perl they are using is so ancient (and more or less locked in) that they've a negative view as well -- they see Ruby, they see Python, and...
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  • tinita commented on Sexual Harassment?

    thanks for the recommendation of "The Guy’s Guide to Feminism". I ordered the ebook and are half through it. although i'm not part of the main target audience, it has some interesting points. some of them were also mentioned by several people in the recent discussions.

  • Aristotle commented on The comma operator
    Maybe this is why we have a hard time bringing new blood into Perl.

    Because @x = () = (1,2,3) and $x = () = (1,2,3) are, strictly speaking, inconsistent?

    I see…

  • Aristotle commented on The comma operator

    The most regular and consistent languages I can think of off hand are Lisp and Smalltalk, btw… *chin scratch*

  • Steven Haryanto commented on The comma operator


    And English is not the most consistent human language out there too, to speak of it lightly.

    Anyway, Leanan might be talking about the "Maybe Perl wasn’t the best choice then. :-)" part as in why you don't sell Perl more, or as in there are not enough marketing people/spirit in the Perl community.

  • Aristotle commented on The comma operator

    Well if someone really values consistency very highly, there is no way of selling them Perl and no point in trying. The design of the language does in fact – though it tries to avoid breaking consistency for no good reason – not treat it as a primary goal. If that is what you want in a programming language, well, then you won’t be very happy with Perl and why should I try to convince you that your misery is enjoyable?

    OTOH, frankly, I don’t think Shawn’s position is very deeply reflected, which I was implying in the last comment. All languages have inconsistencies, and gene…

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