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  • Posted Never mind! to Demonen's Rewrite

    The rewrite was cancelled.

    This is in part because of cost, and also because the client involved are, in the long term, including the functionality in their SAP "solution".

    I could rant for several megabytes about how this is a silly desicion, but it was made so far above my head I…

  • Commented on Can I just do my job?
    Where do you work? Are they hiring? ;)...
  • Posted Can I just do my job? to Demonen's Rewrite

    One thing I've learned over the last few months is that nothing happens quickly or easily in a company of over 125.000 people.

    My rewrite effort has been bogged down in security certifications and other time-consuming stuff, so I've been unable to sit down and do much actual code.

  • Posted Catalyst? Really? to Demonen's Rewrite

    I've been so busy doing Actual Work that I've forgotten to write about doing it!

    Now that a lot of the modules I'll be using are more or less in place, including my new centralized security where "everything" will go to get permission to do "anything", it's time to start sowing the modifie…

  • Commented on To switch or not to switch - The MySQL Question
    Thanks JT, I'll compile a document for our server guys to try and convince them....
  • Commented on To switch or not to switch - The MySQL Question
    JT: What's your source on this? I can't really find anything concise on it over at the Percona site. chris: That's already being done for the long-term reporting, but something like 90% of the reporting needs are real-time, or at...
  • Posted Rebuilding the model to Demonen's Rewrite

    Yesterday I decided to stay with MySQL, but today I face something a little more creative: What should the data model look like?

    So far today I've collected a list of all the information I would like…

  • Commented on To switch or not to switch - The MySQL Question
    Aristotle: Yeah, the whole 0000-00-00 IS (SOMETIMES) NULL thing makes me not trust date/datetime/time/timestamp for nullness, and always use <= 0000-00-01 or something silly like that. Also, it's a bad experience with TEXT in the past that has me putting...
  • Commented on To switch or not to switch - The MySQL Question
    Thanks for the heads up on Percona, guys. I just deployed it on my private VPS and gave it a quick whirl, and it certainly is a 100% drop-in replacement. I host a small forum there, and I don't even...
  • Commented on To switch or not to switch - The MySQL Question
    Yes, I've had the COUNT return inaccurate values before, and it's no fun at all, which is one of the reason we've stopped MyISAM usage entirely. My own humble tests suggest that PostgreSQL is measurably slower to COUNT() than MyISAM,...
  • Posted To switch or not to switch - The MySQL Question to Demonen's Rewrite

    Before I let my enthusiasm overpower me and jump into this rewrite with all it's worth, I have to take a long and hard look at what technologies are being used, and what I want to replace them with.

    Swapping out Class::DBI with

  • Commented on And so it begins
    I'd like that a lot, but since you've left me no way to contact you, that might turn out to be hard. :)...
  • Posted And so it begins to Demonen's Rewrite

    So, yeah, here I am.

    I'm about to embark on a project to rewrite a mod_perl2 application to Catalyst.
    I promised mst I would blog about it, or otherwise make the process known, so that others might follow my example.

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