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  • educated_foo commented on Let Paths Be Paths Again

    I ask because my main reasons for using Path::Class or File::Spec would be fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Where, and how often, will blindly using a Unix path cause trouble?

    BTW, I'm not too worried about showing paths to users, since if they're not on Unix, they probably won't understand them. I have never, while using a Mac, had to deal with the colon-separated native paths.

  • ligne commented on Let Paths Be Paths Again

    "Where, and how often, will blindly using a Unix path cause trouble?"

    Windows. it works *most* of the time. except sometimes it doesn't. and it probably won't be clear why.

    (i speak from horrible experience here, having lost a couple of hours last month debugging a problem where some paths in a configuration file were Unix-style and worked just fine, and others were Unix-style and failed far down the line with obtuse error messages. comedy!)

  • Joel Berger commented on Happy Birthday Perl

    Very cool, thanks!

  • :m) commented on Happy Birthday Perl

    Thanks for the explanation. :-)
    cool tricks!

  • Steven Haryanto commented on POD Web View

    Cool x 3! Although preview is not as instant as Markdown (like we see on sites like SO), it's very helpful and convnenient to see live preview of POD.

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