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  • Abigail commented on My First Perl Conference

    Some of us actually care about their privacy. I rather not have any images (moving or still) of me floating around on the internet.

  • Wendy commented on My First Perl Conference

    I didn't write my reaction to provoke a thanks by you. Just wanted to let you know that I saw you, like who you are, hugged you, and did not notice you needed more hugs, and maybe needed some more introductions to the people I know well, but you had Barbie doing that already. Butch as hell, just like me, and still soft inside. :-)

  • Sam commented on My First Perl Conference

    That's absolutely fair enough and I respect your preference, Abigail.

  • Sam commented on My First Perl Conference

    Oh I know that Wendy, but you were extremely kind and ludicrously generous and you need thanking. So... THANKS!

    And yes, we have to let good old Barbie still feel useful... :P

  • Ben Bullock commented on I'm fully covered

    Perhaps if I tied a piece of purple string to my module it would work also. Or maybe I need to burn incense at half past midnight in front of a statue of Theresa May.

    Is there some way of informing this coverage system without having to do stupid things like putting underscores all over the place?

    These routines aren't exported, and they aren't methods, so there's no reason for this module to claim that they're not documented.

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