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  • Ben Bullock commented on I'm fully covered

    That's ingenious, and if I was desperate to remove these things I would do that, but it seems to mean more complications in terms of having to maintain a bit of otherwise-useless documentation to fool the coverage system.

  • Aristotle commented on I'm fully covered
    In my opinion, marking private subroutines with a leading underscore is a de facto standard in the perl world. So, independently of the coverage issue, it would be a good thing to do.

    That would be a fair stance to take if we were talking about CPANTS, whose purpose is explicitly to be opinionated about best practice, because the proviso is that its score is only an indicator and not always correct or applicable – as it says, it measures kwalitee but not quality. In my view it is terrible for MetaCPAN to be dogmatic in the same way and it’s quite terrible to los…

  • Olaf Alders commented on I'm fully covered

    All of the coverage stats are generated by MetaCPAN is only returning the results provided by the cpancover API.

  • Aristotle commented on I'm fully covered

    It doesn’t make any difference to users whether MetaCPAN runs the coverage checking itself or endorses the data generated by another service. The weight given to the data by MetaCPAN is the same.

  • Ben Bullock commented on I'm fully covered

    Yes, metacpan is advertising these coverage results on their web site.

    For whatever reason, the coverage results are appearing inconsistently:

    has no link but it's here:

    There are quite a lot of these glitches in the links, which don't seem to be formed correctly in many cases.

    Some of the coverage ratings seem to …

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