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    Today we would like to announce that is sponsoring the 2015 Perl QA Hackathon. has been supporting many Perl events and was the main sponsor and host of the QA Hackathon in…

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    We’re happy to announce that GFU Cyrus AG will sponsor the Perl QA Hackathon 2015.

    Originally founded as GFU Cyrus + Rölke mbH in 1980, GFU Cyrus AG is now one of the best-known IT training companies in …

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  • Commented on Introducing IOD file format
    The only thing I really don't like (and why I often rather use YAML) is that the actual data determines your data structure. Same problem with Config::General, for example. The decision if you'll get a single value or an array...
  • Commented on Enter MooseX, III Now Lets see whats up.
  • Commented on Make Your Live Demo Flawless!
    Just wanted to note there's a unix utility called "script" and "scriptreplay". It records the terminal session. You can play the recorded session in normal speed, but also faster. Comes in handy when you cannot really execute commands during presentation...
  • Posted Keeping an eye on request duration to tinita

    Some of you already know that I like optimizing things (modules, applications), regarding speed and scalability. Regarding web applications, what I find very helpful also is observing request duration over time.

    I've been doing this for …

  • Posted Why the perl community is no boy's club to tinita

    First, the reason for this post: There was this answer in the recent survey:

    You can discuss if thi…

  • Commented on About the Grants Committee
    "improving the performance and internals of DBIx::Class" I'd vote for it =)...
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    We're glad to announce another sponsor for the German Perl Workshop 2013 in Berlin:


    Company description in German:

    Die internetbasierte Projektplattfo…

  • Posted German Perl-Workshop 2013 - Call for Participation to tinita

    Here is the official Call for Participation:

    From March 13th to 15th the 15th German Perl Workshop will take place at the Betahaus in Berlin.

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    We're glad to announce another sponsor for the German Perl Workshop 2013 in Berlin:


    We will enable registration with payment soon and post more information about the Socia…

  • Commented on Promoting Perl Workshops and Conferences
    I maintain a list of future Perl Workshops and conferences There is a list of perl events on Are you using this list or maintaining an extra one?...
  • Commented on YAPC::Europe 2013 in Kiev, week minus 42. Food
    I also vote for vegan =) if people go outside for lunch, the break should be at least 1 1/2 hours for the most people to get back in time. (Some people are eating slow, and the order might take...
  • Posted German Perl-Workshop 2013 - Call for Papers to tinita

    The 15th German Perlworkshop is taking place from March 13th to 15th 2013 in Berlin. The main workshop language is german, but we also welcome talks in english.

  • Commented on Counter-productive over time
    @Leon: I wrote cgipan many years ago and unfortunately didn't have time to update it. It only can work with Makefile.PL and you have to do the downloads of the tarfiles yourself, and if you'd want to adjust the...
  • Posted German Perl-Workshop 2013 @ Berlin to tinita is glad to announce that the 15th German Perl Workshop is going to happen in Berlin from March 13th to 15th 2013.
    Thanks also to the people of who support us in organizing. More details will follow.

  • Commented on Sexual Harassment?
    thanks for the recommendation of "The Guy’s Guide to Feminism". I ordered the ebook and are half through it. although i'm not part of the main target audience, it has some interesting points. some of them were also mentioned by...
  • Commented on This is not tolerated
    Aristotle: found it:
  • Commented on This is not tolerated
    Aristotle, I've found this: "We are going to adapt this blog post into a “Code of Conduct”" - so maybe it's not yet finished....
  • Commented on This is not tolerated
    chipdude, I see well written posts on several sides of the discussion. I don't say "both sides" because there isn't only black and white. your post is one of those that try to create a fear of censorship, although it...
  • Commented on Social diagnostics
    Regarding patronizing/protecting: Like I have mentioned elsewhere: we recently had a discussion in our german perl forum. It was about something that is typical for the german language (male and female job titles, a problem that does not exist in...
  • Posted To Be or Not To Be part of the community to tinita

    I feel as a part of the community. I feel welcome in most forums, irc channels, conferences, perl monger meetings.
    This has been discussed also

  • Commented on Why I'm considering dropping Perlmonks
    just watched the keynote and regret I didn't do earlier. I guess some guys just don't understand that the main point here is: don't sexualize programming. even if some girls like that kind of jokes - there are a lot...
  • Commented on Windows Sucks, Right? It does doesn't it?
    Disgruntled old IRC channel loiterers love to make generalizations about everything [...] and disgruntled bloggers love to make generalizations about IRC users ;-)...
  • Posted Vegan/Vegetarian Food at YAPC::Europe 2012 in Frankfurt to tinita

    I created a page and listed some restaurants which are vegan/vegetarian or have vegan options:

    If you ask for vegan options in a restaurant, don't be surprised if not everybody knows what …

  • Commented on Hidden unhelpful reviews on
    It seems it only works if you are logged in (and have Javascript enabled). But sometimes this still doesn't work, for example here: It doesn't expand for me, while others do. (Opera 11 on linux) It's while ago when...
  • Commented on On defined(@array) and defined(%hash)
    defined is supposed to be non-destructive operator to not autovivify the accessed element. Originally autovivification should just help accessing hash chains by creating intermediate hash values, e.g. $hash->{parent}->{value} would create the parent key and not fail. The safe version would...
  • Commented on Nobody Is A Good Speaker When they Start
    The most horrible time for me is being the next one in a row of lightning talks. Nervousness usually starts in the morning of the day I'll do the talk, but directly before it it increases immensely =) But lightning...
  • Commented on CPAN Testers - "Can't locate FindBin/ in @INC"
    The FindBin::libs package on CPAN seems to be broken at the moment and therefore not indexed. It seems to be a problem with the $VERSION number. Maybe that's the reason for the fails....
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  • Leon Timmermans commented on Introducing IOD file format

    Have you taken a look at [TOML]( IMO it provides a much more sensible paradigm than INI, while still being intuitive enough for most people. There are already two parser for it in Perl.

  • perlancar commented on Introducing IOD file format

    I have. I guess TOML is okay for configuration format too, although it diverges quite a bit from INI. My goal with IOD is to be compatible enough with INI, to be interchangeble enough. Also, I'm not seeing a TOML round-trip parser yet, something which I intend to create for IOD.

  • KENTNL commented on Introducing IOD file format

    > In IOD you can also use this syntax:
    > [section]
    > fruits = ["apple","orange","avocado"]

    But does this not simply re-expose the problem tinita was complaining about?

    It forces the consuming code to determine on a case-by-case basis whether it supports an array, and subsequently requires a lot of boiler plate code to automatically switch between single, and multiple values.

  • Toby Inkster commented on Introducing IOD file format

    It doesn't seem quite the same. In a traditional INI file:


    "bar" is an array, but is "foo" a simple string, or is it an array with just one element? The INI parser will probably treat it as a simple string. If the application wants "foo" to be an array, it needs to include code to "promote" a string into a one-element array.

    With IOD, there is at least a way when writing the config file to unambiguously say "this is an array, even if it's only got one element at the moment".

  • perlancar commented on Introducing IOD file format

    Also, note that in the case of "actual data determining your data structure" IOD is not different from YAML which trinita uses: whether a parameter is scalar or array is still determined by the config. Config::MVP is different in that it uses some sort of "outside schema" to specify that a parameter needs to have a certain form/value.

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