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  • Zoffix Znet commented on MooseX for No Poop

    -_- looks like the site strips HTML comments... I meant text "no-perly-bot" inside a comment.

  • byterock commented on 'Dist::Zilla' A Bath for Your Distro

    Egad even I do not understand

    One of the things that has always caused me problems when installing perl mosuela
    where the sometimes many 'required' modules that might be buried in the code or forgotten when the packages was created. In my Database::Accessor package has a large number of required mods my module will need to work.

    don't know what I was smoking yesterday must of posted the uncorrected version.

    anyway I cleaned up that paragraph should be easer to read now

    Btw there are more personal programming…

  • Grinnz commented on Dist::Zilla Check License

    Please do not follow the methods in these blog posts of using Dist::Zilla, they are drawn out, incomplete, and in places counterproductive. Instead I would suggest starting with bundles like Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::Starter or Dist::Milla, and if you need help, plenty of advice is available in #distzilla on

  • byterock commented on Dist::Zilla Check License

    'filename = d:/legal/docs/cheatum_&_steel/license.doc

    This will prevent others who clone your repo from building the dist.'

    Cool didn't know that.

    The 'needlenoses' up in leagal will love to hear that. Pity it is undocumented.

  • Aristotle commented on Dist::Zilla Check License

    You are using a file from outside the repository to build the distribution. Nobody else has that file stored in that path on their computer, so nobody else can build the distribution. If that fact counts as undocumented on account of the documentation not mentioning that then even infinite documentation will be insufficient.

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