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  • Posted Introducing <tt>here</tt> to Eric Strom (ASG)

    I've just published the first release of the here module, a mechanism for safely inserting generated code into a compiling program. this can be used to write macros, cut down on boiler plate, and to implement new declarations, all without ever having to parse any perl source code.

  • Posted Introducing Begin::Declare to Eric Strom (ASG)

    While working on a module for source code injection, one of my example "macros" was one that allows you to declare and assign to a lexical variable at compile time, without having to write the variable names twice. That concept more or less hijacked the conversation, and after some…

  • Commented on Ruby like code blocks in Perl
    Rather than passing the object to the subroutine, why not place it into $_ sub up { my $self = shift; $self->create_table(authors => sub { $_->add_column(...); $_->add_column(...); }); }...
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