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  • Ether commented on Missing Smart Match

    Also note that the 'any', 'all', 'notall', and 'none' interfaces are now in List::Util, which is shipped with core perl. (You should depend on version 1.33 to ensure you get an upgraded version on earlier perls that shipped an older version.)

  • Aaron Priven commented on Missing Smart Match

    The construction any(@a) eq $x is just not as comprehensible as $x in @a, even if it does the same thing.

  • Graham Knop commented on Missing Smart Match

    I don't find

    $x in @a
    very comprehensible because it isn't obvious how it will be comparing elements. Will it use string equality or numeric equality? What if you need to pick one or the other?

  • Flavio Poletti commented on Missing Smart Match

    Didn't know about Syntax::Keyword::Junction, that's what you get when you stop to the first module that fits the requirements :). It would be good to have some hint in the Perl6::Junctions docs, anyway, because it seems "more popular" with two reviews and a few more ++'s. Maybe even a new comment would do the trick?

    The new subs in List::Util are OK but they (understandably) follow the syntax of the rest, which is less sugary. This seemed to be an important point in the OP. How much sugar you like is a matter of taste, of course.

    I agree with Graham Knop and I consider any(…

  • Aaron Priven commented on Missing Smart Match

    $x in @m and $y ~> @n are analogous to and just as comprehensible as $x eq $m and $y == $n.

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