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  • Phil de Man commented on Method::Signatures : Some relief for MooseX::Declare users


    For me it’s better late than never. Your initial post was back 2011, but it is a jewel of information.

    I was getting what I refer to as “the Tuple errors”, on applications, from time to time. It took me so long to determine what the problem was.

    Now I am working on a project that requires me to migrate an old Catalyst app to a Catalyst app with MooseX::Declare. There were a number of sections in the app where I received the Tuple error. It was a nightmare of a task to try and figure where the problem was.

    After installing Method::Si…

  • Aristotle commented on Git-Like Menus

    One tweak though:

    Yes I forgot.

    definitely cleverer than mine

    Too clever, when I look at it again; excuse my moment of fogginess. Obviously it should be

    my $saved_premenu = $premenu;
        $premenu->() if $premenu;
        $premenu = $saved_premenu;

    Then the help callback can just do undef $premenu and the puzzling $restore_premenu closure goes away. That’s exactly the same amount of code as before but the control flow is much more obvious.


  • Joel Berger commented on Method::Signatures : Some relief for MooseX::Declare users

    Hi Phil, since I wrote this, there have been other improvements, mostly in the Perl core itself. With these improvements that allowed MooseX::Declare to work, albeit with some scary side effects, newer modules can do similar things in a much better/safer way. I would suggest rather than MXD you might want to look into Moops which also brings in the highly recommended Type::Tiny module as well. Still if even this post is helping, then I’m glad I made it!

  • jnareb commented on Kiss Kiss Shebang Shebang

    Doesn't carton solve this problems?

  • Peter Martini commented on Prototypes and the call checker

    Zefram pointed me to, which is doing what I had in mind. Thanks!

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