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    Hi Gabor The articles are available at the São Paulo Perl Mongers web page ( and they are all in Portuguese. and yes, I agree with you, a constant flow could achieve more visibility than a short sprint, but I...
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    After reading some of the posts about renaming Perl to something else I noticed that a commonly used argument was about the language visibility. Personally I don't want to take party here and restart all the discussion about that issue, I think a lot of people more capable and committed to the…

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    The 2012 edition of the YAPC::Brasil will start tomorrow. We will have lots of good subjects being presented covering different areas as big data, open data, data journalism, Perl hacking and bioinformatics. There are already representants from 4 local Perl Mongers groups and from 10 different…

  • Commented on Scientific papers and softwares
    Hi Maloney, thank you for your comments. Your first post was marked for approval, maybe because the links, as you point out. I'm going to approve it. Cheers...
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    Hey I don't want anyone stealing my cookies. To be honest I don't know if this creates a security issue....
  • Commented on How many people read your blog?
    I placed the Google analytics tracking code together with the description of my blog. It seems to be working....
  • Commented on Scientific papers and softwares
    Thank you all for your comments, my reply to Joel is in his post here. The idea for a group of people dedicated to code review is very interesting, this kind of process already is conventional when publishing scientific papers,...
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    Hi Joel, thanks for your reply. I already joined the quantified onion. Its nice to see others dedicating their times to help people work better with science and software development. I totally agree with you, we have probably the largest...
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    This week I recieved from a friend researcher a paper from the scientific journal Bioinformatics. The journal is very famous among bioinformaticians and it describes itself as 'The leading journal in its field'. I'm not gonna specify who is the author or what is the name of the paper because I…

  • Commented on Adapting PDL to a Big Data Landscape
    Nice post David. Perl already has a great support from developers with CPAN, I really would enjoy working with data analysis with Perl and PDL. Do you think PDL can become as popular as R language, for example? Statistical languages...
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    Thanks Sawyer !...
  • Commented on Hello World
    Thanks Joel, Perl definitely have its own place at scientific community....
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    Thanks Jonathan!...
  • Posted Hello World to leprevost

    OK, so this is my first attempt to write a blog, I hope this works. I like Perl (a lot) I like Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (yes I'm a biologist and I'm also a systems analyst), and now I decided that I like Big Data as well. Hope to write a little about those subjects.

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  • commented on Response to "Scientific papers and softwares"

    This is great to hear! I am the author of Math::GSL, Math::ODE, Math::Primality and a few other math-related CPAN modules, as well as the now mostly defunct “Scientific Computing with Perl” google group.

    I have been trying to foster the use of Perl in math+physics since 2000, but I thought I mostly alone. Seems like that is no longer true! Keep up the good work, and I also submit my name in the hat of “people to contact” if you want to know how to “do science” with Perl.

  • Joel Berger commented on Response to "Scientific papers and softwares"

    Hi Duke, I had just sent you an email, but thought I should say here too: welcome aboard! We’re very happy to have you with us!

  • Chris Maloney commented on Scientific papers and softwares

    Thanks for this important post. You are not alone in calling for code review as part of the publication process. C. Titus Brown recently gave a panel discussion at the Bioinformatics Open Source Conference (BOSC) 2012, and his slides / notes are on Slideshare here.

    His main points are:
    * There should be review standards for software as part of the journal's review process
    * The focus of that r…

  • Chris Maloney commented on Scientific papers and softwares

    Okay, I just left a comment, and it's not showing up. I'm not sure if it needs to go through moderation, or if it was automatically spam-filtered (it has a few links). So this comment is to try again, and also to add one link that I neglected to add in my first comment, to an excellent blog post on this topic by the same C. Titus Brown, "Our approach to replication in computational science".


  • Sivert K commented on Adapting PDL to a Big Data Landscape

    I was in fire and flame when i found the PDL homepage. This was very interesting. I have used perl for a lot of tasks,and also combining this with numeric analysis would be great. I have however got into some problems. Installing on Fedora 17 was not without problems. F.eks PGPLOT did not work. Being a bit frustrated i installed Strawberry Perl on Windows 7 and also PDL. Hmm, also her some moduls did not install as they should f.eks Plplot did not work.

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