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    Ryajov: I am a typical java/C++/python hack, basically what I learned in school. My impression of the perl community so far is that it is not filled with students (vs. say Java), more in depth analysis coming.....
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    I am not quite sure what to say. I'm a novice at perl, but a long time programmer.

    Just taking my first steps in the community.

    I am a Myers-Briggs INTJ (per here).

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    jctl -

    Welcome! I've been around Perl for five years and only have good things to say about the language and the community. I had dabbled with Perl for a couple of years, but when I decided to switch from Matlab to Perl for my data analysis, I did a complete immersion. As a result, I think that many little things that give novice Perl programmers trouble when they start did not give me so much trouble. The more reading you can do up-front, the better.

    In addition to shawnhcorey's suggestions, highly recommend you read Learn Perl …

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