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  • Commented on Perl 5 Porters Mailing List Summary: October 5th-11th
    The issue with globbing isn't that File::Glob shells out, but with miniperl (which can't load File::Glob) or -DPERL_EXTERNAL_GLOB builds, which use csh or perlglob.exe on Win32 to perform glob(). Unfortunately the subject for #126271 is misleading. For #31923, the issue...
  • Commented on Imager from Image::Magick: Trial Run
    Could you please open an Imager rt.cpan ticket with the output of: perl Makefile.PL --verbose with some details about the environment variables you had pointing at the headers and libraries? Thanks. WRT ellipses - it's mosly a case of me...
  • Posted Perl 5.18: getline and $/ = \N to Tony Cook

    Perl 5.18 will ship with a change in behaviour when using getline() (aka the <$handle> operator) on handles marked as returning Unicode where $/ is a reference to an integer.

  • Commented on Perl I/O on scalars for 5.18
    This is intended to be part of 5.18 (and I've updated the title). See for the discussion....
  • Commented on A perl devops mailing list
    There's already one, see:
  • Posted Perl I/O on scalars for 5.18 to Tony Cook

    From perl 5.17.9, the following:

    my $scalar;
    open my $fh, "<", \$scalar or die;

    will fail unless $scalar contains only code points 0xFF or lower - ie. they can be represented as bytes.

    Perl's I/O …

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