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  • About: My job title is "Information Technology Specialist" which is a glorified way to say general problem solver. One of my favorite ways to solve problems is with Perl. I believe strongly in giving back to the Perl community by answering questions and spreading advocacy in various forums. I am the author of Tie::Hash::Sorted. I am also a Father of two wonderful daughters and husband to a beautiful wife. I consider myself a Christian but I need a lot of work in that.
  • Posted Looking For A IT Specialist (Perl Required) to Limbic~Region


    This blog entry is not an official job announcement. The official announcement will be made available online once it is finalized. I would just like to touch…

  • Commented on More Football Prediction with Math
    What is the standard deviation? Is it even a normal distribution? Is that a lifetime average? How does the average change if you only consider the current season or perhaps the last. What is the history of these two...
  • Commented on Perl101: finding words in words
    Check out Challenge: "Words" In A String   I later developed it into a full application with options like minimum word length, allow non-word tokens, etc.   If interested, let me know....
  • Commented on Perl, Selenium, and ASP.NET
    Have you read my tutorial Using WWW::Selenium To Test Or Automate An Ajax Website? Some of the problems I outlined with getting Selenium running are no longer valid (they have been resolved) but the rest should still be useful....
  • Commented on Goodbye, Hello
    I will take a look at the modules referenced by Barbie as they may solve half of the problem but I will be using WWW::Selenium to update I have already written code using that technology for Moveable Type since...
  • Posted Goodbye, Hello to Limbic~Region

    Just a quick note to let everyone know I have abandoned my journal. If I get ambitious, I will write some code to pull everything over there to over here.

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