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    Here's the latest discussion (I think): The root idea, which I should have been clearer about, was to have $/ control that kind of matching, and the reason it got shut down (or at least deferred) is the fact...
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    It's common knowledge that on Windows, a line of text generally ends with a \r\n characters sequence, and on a POSIX system a line of text will end with \n.

    Less well known is Perl's support for the escape sequence '\R'.

    What's \R?

    It's definitely not the i…

  • Posted Subroutine Signatures - my Plan (v.1) to Peter Martini

    There has been quite a lot of discussion on p5p about subroutine signatures, so I figured I'd lay out my current vision here with as much details as I can. As more of this gets hashed out on p5p, I expect I'll add notes at the bottom (can I do that?) pointing to a blog entry for Subroutine…

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  • Aristotle commented on \r, \n, and ... \R ?

    However hard it may be, I do hope that one day we get a pause-and-ask-for-more mechanism in the regexp engine…

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