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  • Tim Bunce commented on Patch known perlcore ptr problems

    For the record, since the post has been edited now so the comments can't be seen in context, the original post said:

    For sysadmins: Please do not install 5.14.3, still avoid 5.16 at all. For downstream packagers: Please do not provide 5.14.3 without the needed security patches.

    Also, for the record, here's a summary of the outcome:

    Ok, so the final tally for the three new 5.14.3 critical security bugs appears to be:

  • Mark Leighton Fisher commented on When to create a branch in Git?

    Finally got the internal release out (in the low 300s for the commits). Hurts when I do that -- going to start branching.

    I can truly recommend "Version Control with Git" (the bat book) even though I haven't finished it yet -- my mental model of what I've read so far is clear (whereas before it was at best translucent, even after reading "Git Magic" and "Git for Computer Scientists").

    Thanks for all the great comments, BTW.

  • educated_foo commented on Got CSS to hide ridiculously long posts?

    Simply posting replies to Famous Perl Luminaries (a.k.a. "brian d foy" (or am I messing up some punctuation?)) seems to fix the issue, though he deletes the replies.

  • brian d foy commented on Got CSS to hide ridiculously long posts?

    Heh. I typically delete comments once I fix the "bug" they are reporting. I didn't think the second gist would make it past the MT cut-off.

  • Reini Urban commented on Patch known perlcore ptr problems

    Thanks Tim for the comment with the revisions.

    I still stand to the recommendation against 5.16 at all. The reasons were posted on p5p, without any reaction. \0 in names are unprotected and exploitable. The whole new GV api with len is wrong. There can be no \0 in names and there should be none.

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