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  • About: started learning perl since i was 12, i still love/hate it. Love because you can do whatever you want with it and now i use it everyday for every task
  • Posted Google@Home - Remote Control of your home to mudler

    Google@Home aim is to let control your home in your own way: could be with android device or for example your voice, with the feature of an easy installation on every kind of device that have GPIO inteface and could run Linux.

    This is an example of environment setup:

  • Commented on 10 Years of Attending Perl Events
    Hope to see a YAPC in italy too...
  • Commented on Reverse proxy with Mojolicious
    What i'm supposed to do if the author doesn't answer to me ? :S...
  • Commented on Reverse proxy with Mojolicious
    As all of you suggested i'll contact the author :)...
  • Commented on Reverse proxy with Mojolicious
    I needed a separated piece of software and i didn't want to change the Mojolicious::Plugin::Proxy dependencies because i used YAML::Tiny for reading the virtualhost configurations. i saw that the module was not touched since 2010 .. so why request a...
  • Posted Reverse proxy with Mojolicious to mudler

    This is my first post to the perl community also if i play with perl since a long time. In have more web-apps in an internal network that nee…

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