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    Hey Ron, I am writing these tutorials from the perspective of a beginner/casual user. In other words, I'm sharing what I know for the fun of it, with the expectation that some things I do will be wrong. It's an...
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    Hello everyone.

    In trying to find places that I might be able to exchange links to get traffic to my tutorial site, I found an article about how one should determine if a tutorial is good. One of the things that they mention is that a tutorial …

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    There's a common programming challenge where you write a program to take a dollar amount from the user, and then return the simplest way to create that amount with only coins (using the fewest coins possible). I took a crack at this a while back, and I would like to know if there are ways it…

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    Hey everyone. The tutorials are at I am looking at the SF Perl Mongers and might try to attend....
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    Well, I couldn't resist...had to start with the typical "Hello, world!" This is a blog site about a programming language, is it not?

    I am currently a high school student, and computer programming is one of my interest/hobbies. I have a website where I offer Perl tutorials for beginners, an…

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