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    it's now available an improved version of App::DBBrowser with new features.
    Some of the new features:
    - attach databases to a SQLite database
    - use sub-queries in different places of the statement
    - choose if identifiers should be quoted or not

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    Term::TablePrint (its function print_table) prints a table or the selected columns of the table to STDOUT.

    print_table provides a cursor which highlights the row on which it is located. The user can scroll through t…

  • Posted App::DBBrowser to kuerbis


    The earlier mentioned database browser has now its own Repository: App::DBBrowser.

  • Commented on table_watch_SQLite
    Thx! There is now a new version of
  • Posted table_watch_SQLite to kuerbis

    Hello, I'd like to post a link to the "" script. It's not a link in the strict sense because I couldn't manage to set a MetaCPAN perma-link to a single file.

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