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  • Damian Conway commented on Learning from other/experienced speakers

    I use PowerPoint 2011.

    Those code slides are produced by making a single original slide of the code (in yellow text on a black background), then copying it multiple times in a row, then stepping through the sequence with the "copy format" tool (whose icon looks like a paint brush), highlighting one component of the code per slide in white-bold. This process literally takes only seconds per slide.

  • Neil Bowers commented on Learning from other/experienced speakers

    Hi Flavio, I've added Mark to my hitlist -- just emailed him the questions. Thanks!

  • aod7br commented on Why in The World Would Anyone Use Perl 6?

    Man, I was very suspicious of perl6. Like many here, it took so long... and python is so good (GIT and object serialization limits being the main annoying things). But after watching Larry's presentation of perl6 and your presentation here I was in awe. Yes Perl6 is amazing, beyond what I expected. I even wrote an article about it:

  • Matthew Persico commented on Something New Every Day

    There's something to be said for braces whenever a variable bumps up against anything that !~ m/\s/:

    print "${user}'s crontab is missing!\n"

  • morandimus commented on Something New Every Day

    I partially agree, but clarity first and foremost, and I would argue that
      print "$timestamp,$username,$operation,$result\n"
    is more readable than
      print "${timestamp},${username},${operation},${result}\n"

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