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  • john napiorkowski commented on The Hot New Language Named Rakudo

    Funny enough mst floated a proposal around that that was a great idea but nobody got excited by it enough (or the leadership didn't care about it, I guess its not a problem form them)

    Just search for 'mst pumpkin perl' and you'll find a bunch of articles around the idea. FWIW I'm still 100% behind that idea as the best compromise to date.

  • Grinnz commented on The Hot New Language Named Rakudo

    I appreciated the effort on the part of mst to push the idea to rename Perl 5 as a compromise we have more control over. But do we really? Perl 5 has over 20 years of mindshare in the programming world, in system administration, in regex libraries, and so on. In the mind of the community at large, Perl 5 is Perl.

    Additionally, while renaming Perl 5 does potentially mitigate confusion in indicating that Perl 5 has no intention of being replaced, renaming Perl 5 wouldn't solve one of the primary issues discussed in this blog post: that people turn away from Perl 6 when it doesn't act l…

  • fmara commented on The Hot New Language Named Rakudo

    Excellent idea zoffix.

    Because Perl 6 contains the word 'Perl', most dev simply refuse to look at it due to association with Perl 5. It is not cool or modern.

    Rakudo sounds good as well, which should help its marketing. If the logo could change as well, it might even be appealing to under ~40yo devs.

  • faraco commented on The Hot New Language Named Rakudo

    The Rakudo Programming Language sounds great.

  • Sergey Kolychev commented on Perl 6 Colonpairoscopy

    Yeah, I share msanders's sentiment.
    In the age of Python reigning as a king due to its simple by design syntax, creation of a language as complex as Perl 6 is certainly a nice brain stimulating experience.
    But will it be accepted widely ? Unlikely.

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