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  • Commented on Dear Lazyweb: 3D Graphing Software?
    You could do it on very recent browsers using WebGL, though there's a fair amount of boilerplate to get through for what should be a simple task, because WebGL is based on OpenGL|ES 2.0 rather than OpenGL|ES 1.x, which...
  • Posted Investing in contributor docs to japhb

    Like many projects, Plumage wants as many active contributors as it can get. In order to bring in new contributors, any project needs to do a few things:

    1. Get users interested in contributing (more on this another time)
    2. Let them know how to contribute
  • Posted A month of Plumage work to japhb

    It has been another month since the last time I posted a Plumage work log, back on the old u.p.o blog. Mostly this was because I was getting actual work done on Plumage, so I…

  • Posted Welcome, and say Hello to my friend Plumage to japhb

    Stability seems to be coming to these shores, so I guess it's about time I created an account here and started posting. For a while at least, most of my posts will be about Plumage, for which I am the current lead developer.

    Plumage is a c…

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