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  • About: I work in academia and I blog about Perl from a developing country's perspective. Papua New Guinean.
  • Commented on Dynamic Web-Based Student Management (thesis abstract)
    Only in my Department at the university, to keep track of our students and make our job easier when grading. I hope the benefits are seen by others who would like to adopt it....
  • Commented on Dynamic Web-Based Student Management (thesis abstract)
    Not as yet. Although I would like to make it available. Where would you suggest is a good place?...
  • Commented on Catalyst Development Summary
    Settled on Catalyst as a framework a couple of years ago. Thanks for the update....
  • Posted Dynamic Web-Based Student Management (thesis abstract) to Kasek Galgal

    For a post-graduate project in university, I developed a prototype web-based student information exchange system using Linux, Perl, it's associated modules, Ajax and SQLite. At my university, there was a bit of inefficiency in the exchange of student information which I set out to prove could be…

  • Commented on Perl in a Developing Country
    Cheers Steven. I believe we're everywhere :)...
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    Perl has played an immense role in developing the computing and information technology world we see today. Even if most of the good work done by the language and it's legion of loyal users and developers have been done in a relatively stealthy mode. Due to it's freedom, versatility and ease of…

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  • Ether commented on Perl in a Developing Country

    Welcome! I look forward to reading more!

  • kjlmoens commented on Perl in a Developing Country

    Why not start your own Perlmongers group? I recently attended the first meeting of (and even gave a small presentation) and it is a great way to bring Perl programmers together. You can see some photos of the meeting here:

    Perl is used in many more places than you think but it hides itself well.

    Karl Moens aka "CountZero" @ PerlMonks

  • Zrusilla Ugsome commented on Perl in a Developing Country

    Welcome! I agree with Karl, do start a Perl Mongers group, even if you are the only one for a while! It'll literally put Papua New Guinea on the Perl map. See

    Elizabeth Cholet (zrusilla),

  • Aristotle commented on Dynamic Web-Based Student Management (thesis abstract)

    The last comment you thanked was actually comment spam. You will recognise these by the fact that the link entered in the link field of the comment form points to a product or company page rather than some personal homepage or blog, esp if the name entered in the comment form is not the (nick)name of a person, as in this case where it was “Abstract Management” – even if the body of the content is “signed” with a person’s name. That is a dead giveaway that someone is leaving the comment in order to communicate with Google’s crawler rather than with the author of the blog post…

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