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  • Ether commented on What exactly is going on at Perlmonks?

    > No, I just think you're ... playing to "the crowd"

    I find it troubling that you are unwilling to accept Joe's opinion at face value, regardless of whether you agree with it or not.

  • Joe McMahon commented on What exactly is going on at Perlmonks?

    To put it in software terms: I'm trying to say I'm seeing an error, cutting and pasting the message into the bug report - and you're insisting that the code is working just fine for you and I'm just a whiner, or that I'm making it all up.

    Don't you just hate it when someone does that, when you know damn well there's an error and they're just blowing you off because they don't want to have to work on it because they're not having a problem?

    Do you notice the parallels?

    Invalidation is saying "what I feel is right and what you fe…

  • preaction commented on What exactly is going on at Perlmonks?

    "Man-hours" could have been perfectly innocent. "I refuse to acknowledge the term man hours, you patriarchical pig," made "man-hours" fully self-aware, and then belittled everyone who might have said "Hey, you know, you could have just said 'hours' here."

    This is different from the PyCon incident in that the joke at PyCon was not joking about sexism. The PyCon jokes may have been juvenile and even sex_ist_, but they were not a joke about sex_ism_.

    The PyCon joke was not on the people who are fighting for equality. This one is, and that is why it is repugnant.


  • Joe McMahon commented on What exactly is going on at Perlmonks?

    The problem with, "well, it was just one bad joke" is that it's the death of a thousand cuts. Yeah, that one little thing this person did "wasn't that big a deal". And the one this other person said wasn't really supposed to be insulting. And these people didn't really mean to exclude you.

    It adds up. It's the emotional equivalent of repetitive stress injury. Overusing your hand today wasn't that big a deal, it's just a little sore. Do it over and over for months, and suddenly you hurt so bad you just can't type anymore.

  • paulboldra commented on Command history in the perl debugger

    Thanks for that komarov. Useful!

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