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  • Commented on 3 features I would like to see in Perl
    I agree with "speed." Perl is no longer the fastest language even for the "simple" text processing where it excels, and I have two stories from work to back that up. (And, addressing cbt's comment, both ought to be I/O...
  • Commented on A Matrix Worthy of Perl 6
    Thanks for this post, I was looking for an explanation of MONKEY_TYPING and enjoy the example of a safer way around it for a particular purpose....
  • Posted Bundled or Unbundled? Perl Programming Helps Decide. to Yary H
    Over the holidays, a few friends challenged us to video-game duels. We enjoyed them enough to want a game system of our own. A bit of on-line price comparisons turned up an interesting trend- the bundles seemed more expensive then buying items separately. Perhaps there's greater demand and price…
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