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    El próximo día 3 de junio celebraremos el primer Madrid Perl Workshop.

    Ya podéis consultar la lista de charlas.

    Participar en el evento es gratis y obsequiaremos a los asistentes con un…

  • Commented on Perl 6 lives!
    Muchas gracias a ti también, Damian. Espero un día poder ver esa vista. Yo todavía no he salido del hotel, pero me estoy preparando para la escalada....
  • Commented on Fruits of YAPC::Europe - Image::JpegMinimal
    And... Progressive JPEG?
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  • Max Maischein commented on Fruits of YAPC::Europe - Image::JpegMinimal

    Your comment has prompted me to revisit progressive JPEGs. A cursory web search seems to suggest that browser support was spotty but might be there now. It is unclear though whether progressive JPEGs actually get rendered progressively or just pop in like normal baseline JPEGs. Also, it seems there are no convenient tools or libraries to encode JPEGs in the progressive format.

    I should really set up a benchmark that tallies up the time and network traffic taken to download and display a HTML image gallery page with images inline and until the full thumbnails have loaded...


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